Saturday, July 10, 2010

Signs of the Times

Recently, around town, I've spotted some funny (or maybe not so funny) church signs. I always love it when churches have a bit of a sense of humor. As I was driving to the movies with the boys, Sam saw one sign that said Honk if you love Jesus. Text if you want to meet Him real soon! I thought that was pretty clever and was glad that my 15 1/2 year old was the one who read it to me as we drove by!

Today I saw one that said Exposure to the Son will prevent burning. Hhmmm, how true!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I don't have a lot of time to blog today, so I'm just going to get right to my list!

I am thankful that we've been able to pay out of pocket for my first two graduate classes. That means going into less debt!

I am oh so grateful that I got an A- overall in my first class!!! (Makes the tuition worth it!)

I am thankful that my hubby is fine with me quitting my job to return to school. He just left to go interview a bookkeeper for his business. I didn't even know he was looking for one. I asked him if he wanted me to do it, and he said he'd rather me not be stressed out and wants me to just concentrate on school!

My kids are finally learning to clean up the kitchen after they have cooked for themselves!!! (And with not a lot of complaining -- BONUS!)

Otto seems to be past his illness. I'm so very glad that it wasn't anything too serious. I was afraid he had eaten something he shouldn't have and had a blockage. Now if we could just decide on some new carpeting! Too many choices out there!

I should be getting my jeep back soon. Our mechanic has finally figured out what is wrong with it. Not a terribly cheap fix, but at least we'll be a two car family once again! Our jeep is 11 years old and has a few idiosyncrasies but I still love it. I will drive it until it is dead! (But Lord it can't die for at least another 2 years, okay?)

That's it for me this week. Please stop by Greg's General Store to join in on Thankful Thursday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I Now the "Older Woman"?

A few things have happened recently that are making me question whether I am entering the role of the "older woman" which the Bible talks about in Titus 2.

First, I'm taking graduate courses with girls who were 1 year old when I graduated from college. Listening to their conversations and concerns just make me smile. I remember participating in those same conversations "way back when" I thought the world revolved around me. They have no idea how their views will change as they mature. And they'll be shocked when they hear something and realize it came out of their own mouths and not their mothers'!

The second item is rather silly. Lately I have been receiving emails saying that I can meet "singles who are 50 and over". (I don't open these emails.) Last time I checked I'm not 50 yet and I'm not single! It makes me chuckle on the outside, but on the inside I have this lingering thought that the world of junk mail has moved me from the young and hip demographic to an older one. They didn't even ask me if I wanted to make this transition!

Then yesterday I went to get my hair cut. Last week I had noticed a section of my hair that didn't feel or look right. I asked my hair dresser (a youngster in her 20's) if it looked damaged. After a consultation with her manager, they decided I needed this special treatment done. If it worked, it meant that a product I've used on my hair caused the problem. If not, something else was going on. Thankfully, it worked. As my stylist was cutting my hair, she began telling me about a product that she's learning to use on the hair of older women who are having hair issues due to menopause. She has a client coming in soon whom she's going to use it on and said she'd let me know how it works. The entire time I kept thinking, "Why are you telling me this? I'm only 45!"

This morning the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I am moving on to that new era in life where I'm supposed to mentor other women. Then the battle began in my head. How can this be? My youngest child is only 12! My oldest will only be a sophomore in high school. I have younger friends who have kids older than mine. Both of my boys are impressed about how high I can kick my legs! I just played wiffle ball the other day in our backyard! We even enjoy some of the same music. The dog and I still have big tug of war battles! Heck, I got pregnant just two years ago. I CAN'T BE GETTING "OLD"!!

We all know, however, that God has His own plan for us. So maybe in different, funny ways He's telling me that it's time to begin moving into a new realm of my life. I can still be fun and active but perhaps it's time to begin sharing some of the wisdom that comes (dare I say it) with age. I'm not sure what area my wisdom lies in, but I'm positive that God knows. God please give me the willingness to open my mind and heart to your desires for me and to accept that I am on the cusp of becoming the "older woman"!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Around Here

Yes, I dropped out of the blogosphere for a while again. I can't believe I didn't lose any followers! Thank you my dear friends for sticking around! As always, just pure busyness has kept me away.

I finished up my school year on June 3rd. It was a bittersweet ending as it was the toughest school year I've ever had as a teacher and because it was the last one at the preschool I've taught at for the past 7 years. I gave my notice back in March so that my boss would know in plenty of time that I won't be returning in the fall. I've decided to try to get my master's in special education. I just completed my first 12 week course and will begin a 6 week course next week. Between these two classes I have to earn 3.0 GPA to officially be accepted into the program. (Because I didn't have a 3.0 when I graduated from college 22 years ago! Boys were more interesting than school was back then. Just being honest! Actually, I earned two degrees simultaneously back then....a BBA and an MRS!) Hence, homework has kept me very busy, especially when being a teacher and a student overlapped for two months!

I know it may seem odd that I quit my teaching job in order to earn a master's in teaching, but I knew I couldn't juggle work, school and my family. Since my kids aren't going anywhere in the near future, work had to go! And I think my whole family is happy about my decision! Even though I have homework, I'm much more relaxed.

Of course, I'm getting little jabs from my boys. My oldest likes to tell me that I'm lazy since I quit my job, and my youngest's comment was, "Good, now you can clean the house!" Nice, huh?! Even one of my classmates said, "So, you're going to do nothing?" Oh to be 23 and naive! Okay, so for the last two weeks I haven't gotten out of bed before 9 AM, but I have been cleaning!! I even took the curtains down in our living room and hand washed them in the bathtub! Come on, give me some credit!

Living on one income again is an adventure. I've definitely been cooking and baking a lot more. However, I have found that it is cheaper to buy a brownie mix than it is to make them from scratch. We didn't join the pool this summer because we didn't feel we got our money's worth the last two summers. Naturally, one of our vehicles has had issues since I stopped working. It sounds like a rocket and will go even if your foot isn't on the gas pedal! And our mechanic can't figure out what's wrong with it. The kids have been good about waiting for movies to hit our local cheap theater. You can't beat $3 matinees and $5 evening shows! Even the snacks are cheap.

Then there's the dog. I've been dreading having to take him to his yearly vet appointment this summer because it's always so expensive. Rather than doing that yet, we've had other vet bills because poor Otto has actually been sick! He's six years old and this is the first time he's been ill like this. Apparently he picked up a parasite from somewhere, and we are now shopping for new carpeting! As they say, when it rains, it pours.

This post kind of sounds like a downer, but I'm actually pretty happy. Like I said, I'm more relaxed now and I'm getting to spend a lot of time with my family. My kids are excited because I'm baking for THEM rather than my students. I even made my very first cheesecake for Father's Day. It was delicious! Thanks to our friends who own a beach house, we will get to take our yearly trip to the Outer Banks this month. We just won't be able to stay as long since I can't miss class.

I hope life is slowing down for all of you this summer so that you can enjoy just being with your families! I'll check back again soon!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The War

I wouldn't go out there if I was you!

War -- the beginning.

Watch out men!

It was all a blur!


What have my human brothers done?

Happy Independence Day!