Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School

Cooper looking excited about his first day of middle school!

Sam looking not so thrilled about starting high school!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Passing of Childhood

Oh, the silence. My boys are out enjoying this lovely weather on their last day of summer vacation. Their last day of freedom. My last day of freedom too, and although I have a hundred other things I should be doing, I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet and write a post.

We were naughty today and skipped church and went out to breakfast instead. I'm sorry God! The boys wanted to go to dinner tonight to celebrate the end of summer, but I figured breakfast is cheaper. Plus, I really wanted some french toast. We were planning to go to church as usual....really we were. But when that alarm went off, I just wanted one more morning of sleeping in a little. Tomorrow I'll be rising at 6 AM. (I don't know if I'll be shining!)

Sam will be starting high school tomorrow and Coop will be going off to middle school. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was sitting on my front porch while they drew with sidewalk chalk and rode their bikes up and down in front of the house?

I realized the other day that I'm no longer at that stage of life. A new family has moved in across the street from us. They have two preschoolers and a newborn. One day recently the preschoolers were out front from morning until night drawing on the sidewalk and riding their bikes and scooters. I could hear their squeals of delight all day long. That's when it hit me that the next generation of little ones is here and my kids aren't among them.

The neighbors that my boys used to play with are just about grown. One just got married, one has a baby, another one is a senior in high school and her younger sister is starting high school just like Sam. That gang of kids from 10 years ago is no longer the lively bunch on the street. They hardly see each other anymore.

Yes, this all does make me sad. Especially since I should have had a newborn myself this spring. However, I realize that God has provided us with different seasons of life, and I'm determined to enjoy each of them. Even though I miss my babies, my kids are fun to be with. We have lots of laughs together. And everyone is potty trained!! I love to see my kids learn a new skill and become more independent. I'm happy for them, and it shows that my hubby and I are doing our job.

I pray that each of you can enjoy and appreciate your family no matter what season you are in. It all passes much too quickly!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't Allow the Government to Make Us Forget Who We Are!

Yes, I am getting political here. Stand up Americans and take back our country!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

The time has finally come. My last Thankful Thursday for the summer. I will be heading back to work on Monday. I pray that I can continue to keep up on my blogging.

  1. I am so very thankful for the long summer break that I've had. Since Labor Day is so late this year, I've had a full 3 months off. It has been relaxing and a time of trying new things. It has been quite a blessing!
  2. I'm thankful that we got to celebrate Cooper's birthday yesterday! We have a fire pit in our backyard, so per Coop's request, we cooked our dinner outside over the fire. (Otto loves it when we do this!)
  3. I'm thankful that I get to meet my newest great-niece today! (Please say a prayer for our safe travel.)
  4. I am grateful that our heat wave has broken!!!
  5. Eric was supposed to go to New York City yesterday. He ended up getting a flat tire. Thankfully, he hadn't even gotten out of town before it happened. God was watching out for him!

What are you thankful for today? Please stop by Truth 4 the Journey and share your blessings!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Today my youngest son turns 12! I can officially say that he is 12 because it is now after 4:05 pm. Coop likes to be exact! He was our 9 pound, 11 ounce, 21 inches long bundle of joy! (His brother was even bigger!)

Here are some pictures from his impromptu birthday party at our house on Sunday. He wanted a big chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake. Worked for me because it was easy!

I found a poem that I wrote about Cooper when he was a baby and thought I'd share it here.

Clamoring Cooper is a very loud boy.
He yells and he yells and he yells at his toys!

He squawks and he shrieks at Sam his big brother,
All the while smiling at his almost deaf mother.

He shouts at his father so that he too might hear,
Even though Daddy is sitting quite near.

He screams while he eats, he roars while he plays.
Clamoring Cooper bellows all day!
Happy Birthday my little love bug!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I Get To" Tuesdays

The thought behind this is to list a few things that could come under the category of "Ugh...I have to (you fill in the blank)". However, I want you to look at these "have to's" as blessings of "I get to". We all take for granted such things as our health, jobs, family, friends, etc. and sometimes don't appreciate them or see them as blessings as we should. So here are a few things for me this week.

I'm a little late with this today my bloggy friends! The countdown to school starting has me running around! I'm sure many of you can relate!
  1. I got to host Cooper's birthday party here at our house on Sunday. This was not what we had planned! I just didn't want to do the party at our house again this year. Our home is small and the bigger these boys get, the more crowded it feels. (Not to mention the horsing around that goes on which leads to that boy "smell". Then there is the burping and other unmentionable noises and smells!) I decided to rent this small theater where the boys could play X-Box on the big screen. We all arrived at the theater on Sunday afternoon to find that they were having technical difficulties with their system. After about 15 minutes, they told us their X-Box had died. I had 7 sad boys on my hands! On to Plan B. Everybody came back to our house for pizza and the big birthday cookie I had made for Cooper. The people at the theater were really nice. They gave all the kids free popcorn, and we are rescheduling the X-Box party for half price! So the kids will get to play, and we get a price break! Even though we ended up with everyone at our house, it was only for a short period of time and the kids got to hang out together and still have fun.
  2. Yesterday, I got to go shopping for school supplies. Now, I've never really had to do much of this before because our school district has always provided most of the supplies in the past. I usually had to purchase backpacks, paper, pencils/pens, highlighters and a notebook for each of my kids. This year, however, budget cuts have hit! They raised our taxes and took away some things. I spent $242 yesterday on school supplies! This does not include any new clothing or backpacks for my kids! And I know I'm not done yet. The high school only gave us a general list, so I'll have to go out again next week when Sam gets specific lists from his teachers. I did have to buy him a $120 calculator! Somebody please tell me the blessing in all of this!
  3. On Thursday the boys and I get to drive up to my parents' and spend the night. I'm not much for driving long distances, especially without another adult along. But I know this is important to do. My parents are both 81, and we need to try to see them as often as we can. Plus, my niece will be visiting as well, so we'll get to see her new baby girl!
  4. This is a silly one! While I was out buying school supplies, I spied one of those chains that you can attach your eye glasses to and wear around your neck. Since turning 40 four years ago, I haven't been able to read any small print and had to buy some reading glasses. Well, I'm tired of always trying to remember where I last put them down, so I bought one of these chains (it's decorative at least). My husband and kids just shook their heads and told me I'm old!
  5. As I said last week, I got to host our church book club at our house on Saturday night. (It went very well!) I also mentioned that I had to clean up the house and that one of my least favorite chores is dusting. I usually use rags to dust with because I hate the idea of using disposable things to dust with. Well, I broke down and bought one of those Swiffer Dusters. LOVE IT!! It may not make me love the job any more, but at least it won't feel like such a daunting task to me!

That's my "I Get To" list for this week. If you decide to post your own "I Get To" list on your blog, please let me know, and I will post a link to your blog here.

Remember, try to find the blessings in your "I Have To's" and turn them into "I Get To's"!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The ABC's of Me

Collette at Jesus Loves Mums did this earlier in the week. I thought I'd join her!

The ABC's of me!

Age: 44
Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Dusting

Dogs or Cats: DOGS!!

Essential start your day item: A shower and coffee
Favorite color: Red

Gold or silver: Silver or white gold

Height: 5' 3"

Instruments you've played: organ, bass clarinet

Job Title: Mom and preschool teacher

Kid(s): Sam, Cooper and one in Heaven

Loud or Quiet: me-Quiet/ the kids - LOUD!
Married? How long: 19 years

Overnight hospital stay: The birth of my two kids

Pet peeve: Dishonesty

Quote from a movie: You sit on a thrown of lies! Elf (Hhmm...interesting considering my pet peeve!)

Right or Left handed: Right handed
Siblings: 3 older sisters, plus one older brother in Heaven

Time you wake up: During the school year - 6:15. In the summer - whenever

Underwear: Um, yes

Vegetable you don't like: Carrots!

Ways you run late: My family

X- rays you've had: Dentist, my back

Yummy food you make: Meatballs

Zoo favorite: Otters

Thanks for checking in! Feel free to post your own ABC's!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Review: Read and Share Toddler Bible

This is my first book review for Thomas Nelson Publishers! Being a preschool teacher, I decided to read and review the Read and Share Toddler Bible. The stories are retold by Gwen Ellis, with illustrations by Steve Smallman.

I very much enjoyed this collection of Bible stories for toddlers, and I plan to use it sometimes in my classroom. Naturally, the book is divided between stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The stories are very basic and focus on lessons, such as obedience for example, rather than giving a lot of details that would be difficult for a young child to understand.

Simplistic words are used that toddlers would know, such as the word "owies" in one of the stories about David. There is also good a use of action type words. For example, "God made wiggly fishes. Splish! Splash!"

At the beginning of each story, the Bible verse that the story came from is listed. What I love about this book is that at the end of each story there is a suggestion for interactive learning for parents to do with their child. Sometimes it suggests a way to act out the story, other times it is an easy craft project to do together, and, of course, there are suggestions of how to help your child pray about something.

The illustrations are very nice. They're colorful but not too busy.

Along with this book, you get a DVD that shares most of the Bible stories portrayed in the book! The voices and background music are very calming, and the pictures must have been done by the illustrator of the book. There are also coloring pages that can be accessed on your computer. I must admit that I couldn't figure out how to do this on my computer, but it may have been just me.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book and DVD for any 2-year-old you may know!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I'm running a little behind today! I can tell I'm getting close to the end of my summer because I'm having to cram everything in...appointments, birthday parties, visiting my parents, etc. Here is my list!
  1. I am thankful for AIR CONDITIONING! I don't think I have to explain why.
  2. I am thankful that I got my September lesson plans done and turned in.
  3. This summer I've been able to reconnect with old friends through Facebook and make new friends through blogging and Facebook. I am thankful for these friendships, both old and new.
  4. I am very thankful that my boys are not playing football this year. That may seem mean of me, but the schedule was too crazy. My younger son is going to play fall baseball instead. This makes me glad because I think he's a better baseball player anyway. (We weren't happy with the football organization last year. When my happy-go-lucky kid is coming home crying because of the way the coaches are treating him, then something is wrong!)
  5. We went to a wedding on Saturday. It was the first time I've actually heard the gospel being preached at a wedding. Passages from the Bible weren't just read. An actual message was given during the ceremony. It was really neat. I'm thankful God's Word may have reached some guests who are not saved.

Please visit Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey and share what you are thankful for today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Little Light

I wrote this ten or eleven years ago as I was watching my oldest son sleep. The last line really hits home with me now that he will be starting high school in less than 2 weeks!


My little light is sleeping,
Extinguished for the night.
Sucking on his blanket,
His “Chipper” gathered tight.

My little light has faded,
Though in dreamland he may play.
Running, jumping, shouting,
As he does throughout his day.

My little light is dim now,
His breathing slow and deep.
If I had a camera,
His tranquility I would keep.

My little light just flickered,
He gave a quiet sigh.
I smile in my contentment,
Oh, too soon our days go by!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"I Get To" Tuesdays

The thought behind this is to list a few things that could come under the category of "Ugh...I have to (you fill in the blank)". However, I want you to look at these "have to's" as blessings of "I get to". We all take for granted such things as our health, jobs, family, friends, etc. and sometimes don't appreciate them or see them as blessings as we should. So here are a few things for me this week.

  1. I get to go back to my doctor's office again today, this time with the boys in tow. They both need to get shots before school starts. I know this isn't fun for them, but it's not fun for me either. I'll hold their hand if they want me to, but I won't watch! It really does hurt me as much as it hurts them! At least this health care is available to us!
  2. On Saturday night, I'll get to host our church book club. I am not the best at hospitality and offering my home up to others (the introvert in me). Thankfully, it's a small group this time around, and I don't have to do all the cooking. Usually each person brings a dish. I'll just have to provide the main course. I know hospitality is something that God wants to grow in me, and I'm thankful for this opportunity.
  3. Since I'm hosting this book discussion, I get to do some cleaning around the house. Yay, my favorite thing! I seriously need to dust, which I hate to do. I'm holding out until Friday to do this. At least my house will be clean!
  4. On Sunday afternoon, we get to host Cooper's birthday party. Thankfully, we're not having it here at the house. Still, we'll have to keep about 10 boys occupied and calm for a few hours! I know Coop will have a good time with his friends though and that's what matters.
  5. Oh, I almost forgot this one. This past Sunday night, I got to be the taxi driver for Sam and his friends. He and two other friends were invited to spend the night at another friend's house. It was boiling hot here, and I was drained and sweaty from the heat. Sam needed me to take him and his friends to this other boy's house. So we hopped into our jeep that lacks air conditioning, picked up his friends and drove over. On the way, Sam said to me, "Thank you Mom for playing taxi driver tonight." That made it all worth while!

That's my "I Get To" list for this week. If you decide to post your own "I Get To" list on your blog, please let me know, and I will post a link to your blog here.

Remember, try to find the blessings in your "I Have To's" and turn them into "I Get To's"!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Walking Down the Red Carpet

While I was at the writer's conference, two special bloggy friends of mine sent me awards! First, Kat of Heart 2 Heart, sent me the Loyal Friend and Visitor Award. This award is for those loyal followers that comment and follow you no matter where you go, offer a kind word when you need to hear it, and just keep encouraging you on to take that next step. That sums up Kat in a nutshell! She's always leaving me kind comments!

I would like to pass this on to a few loyal bloggy friends:

  1. Beth at An Instrument 4 His Glory
  2. Kelly at Chatty Kelly
  3. Sue J. at CREATE: Making Something of Today
  4. Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey

I could add Andrea at Arise 2 Write and Collette at Jesus Loves Mums, but I see that Kat has already passed this award on to them!

Speaking of Andrea, my second award came from her! She blessed me with the Neno Award. Neno's award is given to those who love blogging, love to encourage friendships through blogging, and who help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging.

I would like to pass this award on to:

  1. Collette at Jesus Loves Mums
  2. Nan at Mom's the Word
  3. Jeanette at Audience of One

I would add Kat to this list, but Andrea beat me to it!

Thank you to everyone who blesses me by just visiting my blog or by offering your comments, thoughts, ideas and funny stories! Each of you is an inspiration to me to keep on writing and sharing my thoughts in the blog world. Thank you also to Kat and Andrea for passing these awards to me! I am blessed by your friendship! If you are not familiar with some of the blogs I've mentioned here, please check them out! They will add a smile to your day!

(If anyone can tell me why my font is different in the middle of this post, I'd be much obliged. This happens to me every once in a while. Sometimes I can fix it and other times I can't!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Since You Asked...

A few of you have inquired about some things I've written about or have on my blog, so I thought I'd devote one post to answering your questions.

First, Andrea at Arise 2 Write, wanted me to post a picture of my baby watermelons. This is the first time we've tried to grow watermelons. I have to say that there's an awful lot of vine for just 3 melons! It has actually spilled over into our herb garden. So here are pictures of my little babies!

Collette at Jesus Loves Mums wants to know more about my Moms In Touch group. Moms In Touch is an international organization. You can join other moms from your child's school in praying for the students and staff at that school. Your group can also do things for the staff, with the principal's permission, such as taking a basket of goodies for them over to the school. The group may not meet on school property or even advertise through the school. For now, my neighbor and I are planning to have our group meet once a month at her house and once a month at another member's house. She and I will be leading the meetings. Each meeting is to be an hour long and purely a time of prayer. We're not to serve refreshments or just chat for that hour. If you go to the Moms In Touch International website, you can check to see if there is a group at your child's school. If there isn't, you may sign-up to start one.

Kat at Heart 2 Heart asked me what book I'm reviewing for Thomas Nelson. I just got my first one and it's a toddler's Bible story book. Since I teach at a Christian preschool, I thought this would be a good choice for me. If it's a good book, I can use it in my classes, and it was free! If you want to learn more about reviewing books for Thomas Nelson, click on the button on my sidebar.
I don't feel as if I've had the time lately to get around to as many of your blogs as I would like to. Please forgive me. Many of you have remained faithful in reading my blog, and I thank you for that! I'll be returning to work soon and am afraid my time will be even more limited. My prayer is that I can continue posting consistently and reading your posts. I have really connected with some of you and have very much enjoyed this journey this summer! Thank you all for the joy and friendship you have brought to me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Oh where is this summer going? Every time I turn around, I'm writing a Thankful Thursday post!

  1. I'm thankful that I've been able to be faithful in doing a pregnancy loss Bible study with Kristie. I'm also thankful that she has committed her time to guiding me through this study. Her new baby girl is due very soon. Please say a prayer for Kristie and her baby.

  2. I'm thankful that my neighbor and I are getting some responses to the Moms In Touch group that we are starting. We're having an informational meeting next Tuesday. Please say a prayer for us, too!

  3. I had dinner with several of my co-workers on Tuesday night. I'm thankful for the fellowship and fun that we had together.

  4. I have gained some new followers of my blog recently! I'm grateful for all of you who continue to read my blog.

  5. Last but not least, I'm thankful that I got to go to the Philly Christian Writers Conference; for those of you who prayed for me; for the opportunity to meet several bloggy friends while there; for what I learned; for safety in traveling back and forth for 3 days; and for my husband who kept things together at home while I was away!!! It was a terrific experience!

What are you thankful for today?! Stop on over to Truth 4 the Journey to share your list! Blessings!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"I Get To" Tuesdays

The thought behind this is to list a few things that could come under the category of "Ugh...I have to (you fill in the blank)". However, I want you to look at these "have to's" as blessings of "I get to". We all take for granted such things as our health, jobs, family, friends, etc. and sometimes don't appreciate them or see them as blessings as we should. So here are a few things for me this week.

It's that day of the week again where I reflect on my "I have to's" and find the blessings in them.
  1. When I got home from the writer's conference on Saturday night, my oldest son showed me the holes in the bottom of his sneakers. Big holes made all in the name of skateboarding! So I had the pleasure of taking him sneaker shopping on Sunday afternoon. The one store he really likes is 30 minutes away at the mall. I NEVER go to the mall. Seriously. Especially on a weekend! The only way he found out about this store was by going to the mall with his friends and their moms. Sam and I drove down there in the pouring rain. The mall was crowded, which made me tense. We visited his favorite store and bought him some sneakers. We even found a pair of jeans for him at Penney's and then high tailed it out of there. (Yes, I drove 30 minutes to the mall and only went to 2 stores.) Even though this isn't my favorite way to spend my time, it gave me some one-on-one time with Sam.
  2. While I was away, our garden had another growth spurt. Yesterday, I got to go outside on the hottest day of the year and pick beans, squash and cherry tomatoes. The bugs were out, so in addition to being hot, I got to be itchy, too! However, our fresh veggies are delicious, and we've been able to bless some of our neighbors with our harvest. Oh, we're trying to grow watermelon for the first time, and there are 2 little ones out there on the vine! Very cool!
  3. Today I get to go to the doctor for my thyroid check-up. I had forgotten about the appointment until I received the reminder phone call yesterday, so it wasn't exactly in my plans for this week. I don't like going to our doctor because you can be in there FOREVER! I always take things to do because I know I'll be there for at least 2 hours. At least I have a doctor and health insurance, right?!
  4. This week I get to figure out if my boys have any dress clothes nice enough to wear to a wedding. We typically don't make them dress up for church. Our rule is just no holes and a decent shirt for Easter and Christmas. (Our church is pretty casual.) I'm more worried about finding something for Sam. I'm sure there is something in their closet that he has grown out of and that Cooper can wear. If I don't have anything for Sam, I'll need to check out Wal-Mart, Sal-Val or Goodwill. (Yes, Sonya, I'm another Vonda Skelton!) I'll probably also send a shout out to the moms of his friends to see if anyone has dress shoes that he can borrow. The blessing in this is that our neighbor's son is getting married. He is 20 years old and his fiance is 21. She was diagnosed with brain cancer back in December. In March, her prognosis didn't sound good from what we heard. We're not sure how she is now. We don't know if they're getting married because she is in remission and they figure why wait, or if she doesn't have much time left and they figure they shouldn't wait. Whatever the situation may be, I see it as a blessing for this young Christian couple to be getting married. Please say a prayer for them.
  5. I get to drive my beloved jeep with the broken air conditioning. Thankfully, the first half of the summer was actually cool, and it wasn't an issue. Now that it has finally gotten hot, it isn't very much fun to travel in my vehicle. (Sorry Susan!) However, I love my jeep AND it's paid for! I plan to drive it until it's dead!

That's my "I Get To" list for this week. If you decide to post your own "I Get To" list on your blog, please let me know, and I will post a link to your blog here.

Remember, try to find the blessings in your "I Have To's" and turn them into "I Get To's"!

(By the way, I know I haven't posted anything about the writer's conference yet. I just haven't had the time or the energy in the last 2 days! I'll do it soon!)

Friday, August 7, 2009


I was going through some files as I was getting ready for the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference and found some poems I wrote about 10 years ago. Since I recently vacationed at the beach, I thought I'd post these two.


The ocean breeze whips my hair
As cool water licks my toes
The sand gives way beneath my feet
While sun beams kiss my nose


I carry my bucket in one hand,
My shovel in the other,
Ready to dig for pirate treasure
With my little brother.

We search for jewels and shiny gems,
We mine for silver and gold.
All the while in my pocket
A tattered map I hold.

My brother begs to take a look,
I say I'd rather not.
For all that yellowed paper says is
'X' marks the spot!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Today is Thankful Thursday, but I am not home! And for this, I am thankful!

  1. I am thankful because I am at the Greater Philly Christian Writer's Conference! Today I am traveling there and back with Susan Reinhardt. I met Susan through Facebook, and as it turns out, she only lives a short drive south of me! I'm looking forward to meeting Susan in person and to learning a lot at this conference.

  2. I'm going to get to meet some bloggy friends while I'm there! Kelly from Chatty Kelly, Sonya from Truth 4 the Journey and Laurie from Supernatural Living. They are traveling together from Virginia to attend the conference.

  3. I am thankful that I finished my September lesson plans for my 4-year-old class. (Still have to do lesson plans for my 3-year-old class!)

  4. My coworker (and dear friend) met me for lunch yesterday. It was good to catch up! When I was the Director of the preschool, she was my Asst. Director. We were attached at the hip for 2 years! She's still the Asst. Director and technically one of my bosses since I stepped down in order to be in the classroom only, but we still have that connection.

  5. I am thankful that my almost 12-year-old can finally make a grilled cheese sandwich himself!!! I love independence in my children, even if that means they're growing up!

  6. As an added bonus, I was able to get my son's birthday party all arranged and on a date that I'm happy with!

What are you thankful for on this fine day?! Stop on over to Truth 4 the Journey to share your list! Blessings!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"I Get To" Tuesdays

The thought behind this is to list a few things that could come under the category of "Ugh...I have to (you fill in the blank)". However, I want you to look at these "have to's" as blessings of "I get to". We all take for granted such things as our health, jobs, family, friends, etc. and sometimes don't appreciate them or see them as blessings as we should. So here are a few things for me this week.

I have to admit, I'm really tired and don't feel much like posting or doing anything else for that matter. However, I know I need to do this in order to find the blessings in the things I'm finding discouraging at the moment. So here I go!
  1. I got to take my oldest son to the orthodontist yesterday. I knew the ortho wasn't going to be happy because Sam hasn't been wearing his retainer consistently. The main reason he got braces was because he had an upper tooth that had grown in too high and needed to be pulled down. (He inherited this from me! Same reason I had braces.) His top teeth are fine, but his bottom teeth are crooked again. The ortho asked me what I wanted to do (make a new retainer, put braces back on the bottom teeth, or nothing). I opted for nothing! I'm hoping that some time down the line my son will learn a lesson from this. I told Sam that we'll take care of his normal dental needs and his wisdom teeth, but if he wants straight bottom teeth, he can pay for it when he's an adult. This may seem harsh to some of you, but we see it as a monetary lesson and a lesson in responsibility for him.
  2. I get to host our church book club at my house this month AND I get to read a difficult book. I am not very good at hospitality. This is something I know God has been working on in me. We're reading The Gospel of Thomas. The book is difficult in that it has big words that seem rather scholarly. The last book we read was by Jodi Picoult, and in it one of the main characters kept quoting this gospel. We all had a lot of questions about it, so we decided to read it to see exactly what it is.
  3. I get to start writing up my lesson plans for this school year. My September plans are due on 8/21. This makes me sad because it means my summer is coming to a close. However, I should be thankful I have a job to go back to!
  4. My #3 here leads into my next "I Get To". I get to roll the coins from our big coin jar. So far, I've rolled $20. I'm looking for extra cash because I've got a birthday party to plan for Cooper and school supplies and some clothing to buy for the boys. My sons have even sold some of their old video games to make some extra money. (They made $63 each!) This makes me thankful that I'm going back to work soon so that I can start getting a pay check again! Also, my sons are learning a little finance lesson through this.
  5. Today I get to start helping my hubby by sending out postcards advertising his business. This will be mindless and boring, but at least I get to help him out. AND, so far, he still has a business. The health care reform could put him out of business.

That's my "I Get To" list for this week. This was hard for me today, but it's a way to remind me of my blessings in disguise. If you decide to post your own "I Get To" list on your blog, please let me know, and I will post a link to your blog here.

Remember, try to find the blessings in your "I Have To's" and turn them into "I Get To's"!