Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tired and Uninspired

My title to this post says it all. It has been rolling around in my brain for weeks, but I haven't been able to write anything down. First, I just became plain lazy during my 2 week Christmas break. I love having that time off with my family, but having no schedule does more harm than good to me. Second, when I got back to work, I just found it discouraging because I'm unable to give each of my students the time they need. I have a lot of special needs students in one of my classes, and it's taking everything I've got to do what I need to for them and the other kids. Plus, I'm in the middle of preparing student profiles to get ready for conferences. This is taking up a lot of my time. Third, the winter blues have set in. I hate that darn groundhog! Thankfully I don't live as far south as I used to. Y'all really got slammed!!!!

Also, I suppose this wasn't the best time of year to go on a diet for the first time in my life! I began Weight Watchers two weeks ago. I was 3 pounds away from being considered over weight for my height, and I thought I'd better do something about that. So far I've lost 7 pounds. Eleven more to go! Even though that won't put me at the thinnest I've been as an adult, it will be a happy, healthy medium.

Since Christmas, I've also been uninspired in my relationship with God. This happens to me every year. I think the commercialism of Christmas and the busyness of getting ready for it just really turns me off. I prefer celebrating Easter over Christmas. For whatever reason, the Easter story is more significant to me than the story of Christ's birth. I don't know if that's right or wrong, but it's the way I feel.

Thanks to all of you who have checked in on me during the last 6-8 weeks. Oh, and thank you to those who were praying for me regarding my Christmas solo at church. It went just fine!! I've missed you all and appreciate your kindness! I am still alive but have just been struggling to do it "all" lately. Blessings!


Andrea said...

You and your handsome young men look awesome! I sure have missed you!! Lots of love and hugs,

nancygrayce said...

I don't think you're alone at all! I just told my husband that I'm having low level depression. I can't seem to get anything done and I just don't want to get out of the house. Maybe it's the winter! Here it may also be all the rain!

We'll all try to feel better :)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Glad that you are doing OK, Leslie. Been wondering about you!

I pray that God will minister to your precious heart and fill with joy unspeakable!

Love to you - Beth

Sue J. said...

I'm so relieved that everything is OK! When folks "drop out" of the blogosphere, you start to wonder what happened. So, I'm glad you and everyone are OK.

As for "tired and uninspired," being stuck in all this snow, with the kids home, after trying to jump-start things in the New Year has definitely been a downer. No one likes being this far off schedule. We're all "off"!

You have a lot going on--without all the snow fuss. Sometimes writing is a release and sometimes it is a burden. That's OK, too. You've got priorities that you need to attend to, so put your energies there. When it's time to write, God will give you the strength to do so.

Thanks for reaching out now, though, so we can all be thinking about and praying for you!

Kelly Combs said...

So glad to hear from you! Glad all is okay. I"v been there, where you are. I pray you will draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

Be well!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

It is great to hear from you Leslie and I can empathise with how you feel! That photo of you and your boys is lovely.

Love Collette xxx