Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I Now the "Older Woman"?

A few things have happened recently that are making me question whether I am entering the role of the "older woman" which the Bible talks about in Titus 2.

First, I'm taking graduate courses with girls who were 1 year old when I graduated from college. Listening to their conversations and concerns just make me smile. I remember participating in those same conversations "way back when" I thought the world revolved around me. They have no idea how their views will change as they mature. And they'll be shocked when they hear something and realize it came out of their own mouths and not their mothers'!

The second item is rather silly. Lately I have been receiving emails saying that I can meet "singles who are 50 and over". (I don't open these emails.) Last time I checked I'm not 50 yet and I'm not single! It makes me chuckle on the outside, but on the inside I have this lingering thought that the world of junk mail has moved me from the young and hip demographic to an older one. They didn't even ask me if I wanted to make this transition!

Then yesterday I went to get my hair cut. Last week I had noticed a section of my hair that didn't feel or look right. I asked my hair dresser (a youngster in her 20's) if it looked damaged. After a consultation with her manager, they decided I needed this special treatment done. If it worked, it meant that a product I've used on my hair caused the problem. If not, something else was going on. Thankfully, it worked. As my stylist was cutting my hair, she began telling me about a product that she's learning to use on the hair of older women who are having hair issues due to menopause. She has a client coming in soon whom she's going to use it on and said she'd let me know how it works. The entire time I kept thinking, "Why are you telling me this? I'm only 45!"

This morning the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I am moving on to that new era in life where I'm supposed to mentor other women. Then the battle began in my head. How can this be? My youngest child is only 12! My oldest will only be a sophomore in high school. I have younger friends who have kids older than mine. Both of my boys are impressed about how high I can kick my legs! I just played wiffle ball the other day in our backyard! We even enjoy some of the same music. The dog and I still have big tug of war battles! Heck, I got pregnant just two years ago. I CAN'T BE GETTING "OLD"!!

We all know, however, that God has His own plan for us. So maybe in different, funny ways He's telling me that it's time to begin moving into a new realm of my life. I can still be fun and active but perhaps it's time to begin sharing some of the wisdom that comes (dare I say it) with age. I'm not sure what area my wisdom lies in, but I'm positive that God knows. God please give me the willingness to open my mind and heart to your desires for me and to accept that I am on the cusp of becoming the "older woman"!


Andrea said...

GOD seems to be shoving me in that direction, too!

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL I loved this post as I found myself going through that back aways--I'm 55 and still it bothers me when anything old comes up:) I wanted you to know that my husband will be 56 this summer and just started back to college this past January to learn a whole new field. He takes classes with kids who could be his children and it does feel weird to him too:)

Terri Tiffany said...

PS I see you are from PA--me too!