Saturday, June 21, 2008

Small Ways to be Your Husband's Helpmeet

As the saying goes, "Good things come in small packages!" Here are a few small but good things you can do to be your husband's helpmeet.

  • Always have a bath towel in the bathroom for him.
  • Keep the q-tip container filled.
  • Keep an extra roll of tp in the bathroom.
  • Occasionally bring him a cup of coffee.
  • Have a supply of extra light bulbs and batteries in the house.
  • Keep a steady supply of napkins and paper towels available.
  • Make the bed...even if he's the last one up!
  • Make sure that at least his clean laundry is put away.
  • If he's having a busy week, mow the lawn.
  • Keep enough computer paper on hand.
  • Fill up the gas tank.
Some of these may seem silly and frivolous, and you may be thinking, "Come on! I'm busy too!" But saving your hubby some time and frustration by not having to look for things (a.k.a. asking you where they are) or do some things can prevent stress for him and the rest of your household. Plus, it helps him to be more productive for his family.

I realize that some of you may mow the lawn every week, but in our family, that's something he typically does with help from our boys. You'll have to adjust the items on my list to suit your own family.

You know another old saying, "If mama ain't h
appy, ain't nobody happy!" This applies to husbands/fathers as well! So I challenge you to try it. Pretty soon you may find him doing some acts of kindness for you too!

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