Sunday, December 12, 2010

Musings from Mayhem

Mayhem is what life has felt like for the past six months. Not that things here are awful or I'm unhappy. I just feel like I'm looking at things while upside down. I quit my job to return to school, and I haven't been able to get into a rhythm yet in my new "normal". My kids love to tell me now that I'm lazy because I don't have a job anymore. In fact, this morning after I told my family once again that I'm not the maid around here, my oldest asked, "Well, if you're not the maid and you don't work, then what do you do?" (He was kidding around, so no, he didn't get into trouble for that comment!)

I feel as if all I do is read text books and write papers. Therefore, reading your blogs and updating my own blogs haven't been a priority or even enticing to be honest. My down time seems to consist of doing mindless things like watching TV or playing solitaire (with actual cards, not on the computer). Sadly, I've even considered doing the dishes as down time because I really don't have to think!!

I'm enjoying my classes, but I really do miss teaching preschool. Preschoolers are just the right anecdote when you're raising teenagers! I still sub occasionally at my old school. I love doing that because I get to play without all the responsibilities of being a head teacher! Still, I do think to myself, "What have I done? Why did I quit a job that I loved and was quite comfortable with? And one that was so family friendly?"

I've been watching Joyce Meyer on TV recently. She's been talking about how she was in a ministry for 5 years and had a difficult time obeying God when He told her it was time to leave and do something else. She liked what she was doing, was comfortable, and was "somebody". I can relate! Joyce says, "If you can't conceive in your mind that God can do something with you then you will never take even the first step toward a better life than what you have right now." Just like a woman cannot become pregnant unless she is able to conceive, we can't move forward in our lives if we can't conceive that God will show us where he wants us to be and what He wants us to do.

I've been mulling this over for the past few days. I know God was calling me to move on, and I'm sure I'm moving in the right direction. It's just hard to leave the old things behind. If you go to Joyce's website, you can watch this series at your convenience. It is entitled What do You Want Out of Life?

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Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Leslie -

Joyce Meyers is one of my favorite teachers. She has a way of getting to the heart of an issue.

I've found going forward in God's will involves a lot of adjustments on my part. Releasing the comfortable and familiar is difficult.

Praying for you,
Susan :)