Sunday, March 29, 2009

Does God Care? Part 2

Just to let ya'll know, I made it! I stayed awake long enough last night to put that load of laundry in the dryer, so I had clean undies for church this morning! I know everyone was just dying to know this!

Every summer we go to the Outer Banks with my husband's college roommate and his family. Johnny and I have the same dumb sense of humor that just makes people shake their heads. This morning my husband said that when we go to the beach this year, he's going to hold an intervention for Johnny and I!

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Sue J. said...

Hi, Leslie!

Thanks for visiting my Connecticut crocuses the other day! They beat my Virginia narcissus, which just finally all burst out in bloom over this weekend.

You have a lot going on over here on your blog! God cares about everything from miscarriages to what you are thinking about your underwear (though, I don't think He cared about your underwear...just YOU!).

Not everyone comes through a grief process in the same way or the same time. I am glad that you and your husband don't have that wedge any more. And I'm glad to see that you could open up a dialogue with your S-I-L about things, because that situation is way more complex than you can rationalize on paper. You just don't accept things and move on as if they didn't happen.

Thanks for being bold and sharing! Will be back to visit again sometime.