Friday, March 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Topics

I received a comment yesterday from Cindy about my blog. It was just the jolt I needed to post on here again. (Thanks Cindy for your kind comment.) I get so busy during the school year with work and my family that I don't get around to posting on a regular basis. If you've noticed, I mainly blog during the summer when I'm off and during my Christmas break. So here are just some random things going on in my life.

Since I work for a Christian preschool, our staff participates in a Bible study every school year. We've been doing Beth Moore's study on Daniel. It is FASCINATING! The first half is about integrity and the second half is on prophecy. Last school year our staff went out to Sight and Sound in Lancaster and saw their performance of Daniel. It was wonderful as are all of their shows. I've really enjoyed learning about prophecy and the end times. As you can see on my book list, I've recently read Armageddon, Oil and Terror and What in the World is Going On? I've always felt completely ignorant about what all the hoopla is about concerning the Middle East. These books helped me understand it a bit better, as well as, giving me a better grasp on the end times. I'm getting ready to read Jerusalem Countdown by John Hagee. I know he preaches on TV, but I'm not one to watch televangelists, so I'm not sure how reputable he is. If anyone has any knowledge of him, please let me know.

Here's a funny.........Our Bible verse at my school this month has been on the Fruits of the Spirit. At the end of each month, we ask each student to try to say the Bible verse on his/her own and then we give them a little certificate and a sticker. Well, one of my little girls was singing it to me and she replaced gentleness with easiness! I just cracked up! (These kids are only 4.) And did you know that one of the books of the Bible is Jennifer? One year when we were teaching the verse Genesis 1:1, one of the kids kept saying Jennifer 1:1. Very cute!

My younger son, who is 11, admitted to me the other night that he likes a girl! He turned red and giggled. What's a mommy to do?! My 14 year old still isn't into girls yet and claims he's never getting married. My younger son is my self-proclaimed mama's boy who always wants to live with me or near me. And now he has set his sights on another "woman"! I'm devastated! Well, if he has to have a crush, at least it's on a girl I like and know. We know her family too.

Eric and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this week! We went out to dinner by ourselves. It was the most expensive meal we've ever had! The waitress even put my napkin in my lap for me! How swanky!

I went to my first dog agility competition this week. One of my acquaintances from church choir (I'm just getting to know her) was competing with one of her dogs. I've always wanted to see one of these in person. I've also always wondered if our dog could be trained to do agility. It was fun and interesting, but I don't think I have the time to do the training. Plus a competition can take up an entire weekend. Maybe once the boys are grown.........

I know I still need to do part 2 of my "Fall"ing Down post. I just haven't been in the mood to do it. Hopefully, I'll get to it soon.

Oh, one of my neighbors sent me this really cool YouTube link today. (It has a Christian message.) I'm going to try to put it on here. We'll see if I'm successful. I just bought the book Google Blogger for Dummies because every time I try to do something on my blog it doesn't work!

For now just know, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." Colossians 1:17 (Click on the YouTube link and you'll understand this.)

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