Saturday, March 28, 2009

Does God Care?

I had just shut off my computer for the night and was about to go snuggle down in my bed with a book. We have church tomorrow, so we'll have to get up early. Then I realized that the 2 loads of laundry I did today didn't include any underwear. I have no clean skivvies for tomorrow! I then thought, "Does God care if I wear dirty underwear to church?" After a debate with myself, I decided that no, He wouldn't care, but I certainly would! So I headed to my laundry room and threw in a load of wash. Now I have to stay awake long enough to get it into the dryer.

If I fall asleep before the washer is done and then forget to throw the load into the dryer first thing in the morning, it'll be dirty underwear for me! If this happens, I'll let you all know if God cares! (Perhaps I shouldn't sit too close to anyone else in the pew in the event that I'm struck with a lightening bolt!)

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