Monday, May 4, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman who had miscarried twice. I had read an article she had written, left a comment for her, and she was kind enough to contact me through email. (You can read Kristie's story here.)

She told me about a Bible study she did that is about pregnancy loss. The study is entitled Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy by Teale Fackler & Gwen Kik. I replied, thanking her for the info and told her I would look for the book.

Kristie contacted me again and offered to get the book for me and to go through the study with me via email. What a generous offer! I decided to order the book for myself and to take Kristie up on going through the study with me.

So I ordered the book, and it arrived less than a week later. The only thing was that the company I ordered it from sent me 3 copies of the book and only charged me for 1! My first thought was, "Is this a sign that I'm supposed to do for others what Kristie is doing for me?"

I contacted the company about the mix up. They told me I could either keep the books and pay for the extra 2 copies, or I could return the extras at their expense. My husband and I decided I should just purchase the extra copies. When I explained to him what had happened, he also immediately said, "Maybe it's a sign."

Kristie and I are going to begin the Bible study in June. I'll be off work for the summer by then, and she will be starting the study at that point with some ladies from her church. So the timing will be perfect for the both of us. My plan is to go through the study this summer and then see if there are other women out there who I could lead through the study. I think God is really opening my eyes and showing me other ministries He wants me to be involved in.

For those of you who read my post on 4/25, my hubby and I didn't end up having a picnic on Saturday. The weather here was too iffy. What we did decide to do is to purchase a ring for me with an emerald in it in remembrance of the baby. Since the baby was due May 2, its birthstone would have been emerald. We visited two jewelry stores Saturday but didn't find what I have in mind. We're going to another store this afternoon to look. I'll post a photo of the ring when I finally find what I'm looking for
The photo of the flowers at the beginning of this post are from church yesterday. We sponsored this week's alter flowers in honor of our angel baby. Of course, we would have preferred a simple rose on the alter in honor of our baby's birth, but God had other plans. And from this one event in my life, I am beginning to discern His plans for me. It's not my will be done, but His will be done.


Sue J. said...

Folks ask 'why' a lot. How can we not? It's in our nature, I think. The part some of us are still trying to grasp is how God can bring something good out of something that is so painful.

Just continuing to find folks who have had similar circumstances is so comforting. Because, truly, unless you have been in the situation, you are merely guessing at the emotions, the thoughts, etc., and one's empathy can only extend so far.

This has been a thought-filled weekend for you, undoubtedly. Prayers for God's continued comfort and healing upon you, and that your new connections will be His way of bringing you to a new hope-filled place!

On Purpose said...

Good Morning Leslie!! I am so excited to see God working in and through you. I am praying this morning for the Bible Study you will begin in June!! I am praying for the blessings you will receive and know that they will flow out of you onto those around you!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

What a precious post! I love the idea that your husband is going to buy you a ring with Angel Baby's birthstone. What a great way to remember. You are so precious.

I loved the comment that you left on my post today. You have such a sweet servants heart! May God continue to bless you this day and forever!

Your Sister in Christ,
Sonya Lee

Heart2Heart said...


I love how you can take something so innocent like the extra copies of the books and decide to pay for them. I am sure that God will be sending two hurting souls your way to help during your Bible study.

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for your comment about the book, If you give a mouse a cookie, love that entire series of books. I would agree I was headed on that path!

I am touched by your gesture of a ring to symbolize your angel baby. What a great way to remember a precious life!

I will defintely be praying for you and following your posts!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Andrea said...

Rest in your Heavenly Father's arms as HE heals your heart. Blessings and prayers, andrea