Monday, May 18, 2009

Live Deeply in Christ

On Thursday night we had a thunderstorm. At around 10:15, our electricity went out. The boys were already in bed, so Eric and I decided we may as well go to bed too. However, being the night owl that he is, Eric got into bed with a flashlight so he could read. I decided to get a flashlight and do the same thing.

I began reading 1 John 2 and 3 in The Message (it's the New Testament in contemporary language). At the end of chapter 2 it says, "And now, children, stay with Christ. Live deeply in Christ." That last sentence just hit me when I read it, and it made me feel both excited and comforted. Live deeply in Christ. Or live your life so that you are submerged in Him. Make sure He is in every detail of your life.

Live deeply in Christ. The word "deeply" makes me think of a body of water. Some bodies of water have an unknown depth. We are to trust Christ and dive right into Him. We won't drown because He is our life guard. He keeps us safe and trains us to teach others how to swim in Him.

*Live Deeply in Christ*
  • Be a living water for Christ. (Alive and active in Him.)
  • Quench the thirst of those seeking Him. (Guide young Christians and others who are searching.)
  • Cleanse their weary and dusty bones. (Clean and heal their physical, mental and spiritual wounds.)
  • Refresh them; cool them. (Give them relief and make them feel new again.)
  • Drench them with His love. (Love on them no matter what.)
  • Splash them with His mercy and rinse them with His grace. (Show them forgiveness and compassion.)
  • Wash away their sins. (Help them to see that they are new creations in Christ.)

Amen and amen.


Laurie said...

Beautiful word for me today Leslie!
Every detail...hallelujah

Sue J. said...

Your blog entry shows us how much to heart you have taken this passage. That's deep, my friend! AMEN

Thank you for the imagery and the parallels; something to remember as we see water today.

Andrea said...

WOW....What a beautiful surprise this morning to read your awesome post. LIVE DEEPLY!! Yes...longing to achieve.....

Kelly said...

What great words! I love it.

**off topic** Regarding my post today, instead of being accountability partners, I'd love to go out for an extra large mocha coffee together!!! LOL! What fun!