Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Game of Life

Last night my younger son, my husband and I played the board game Life. I bet I hadn't played that game in 25 years! We have an old version of it that my mom bought at a garage sale. (I wonder where the one I had as a child is?) The kids have been asking for probably a year to play this game, but I never felt we had enough time to sit down and play it. (Does that seem ironic? No time for life?) So last night when Cooper asked if we could play, I said sure!

I have to laugh at some of the spaces on the board. The inheritance I received a few years ago wasn't even close to $180,000! No, the amount I inherited paid for about 3/4 of my older son's braces. I also haven't found a famous painting worth $240,000. College tuition: $2,000....HA, HA, HA!!!! I'm no tennis pro, so I haven't won $50,000 in a tennis tournament. Nor have I spent $50,000 on a polar expedition! I'm glad I don't have an uncle like the one in the game.....pay $1,000 because he needs help; another $1,000 to get him out of jail; and $10,000 to get rid of the skunk farm that he left as an inheritance! Sounds to me like dear Uncle doesn't like his nieces and nephews! Oh, and my husband retired as a millionaire tycoon! (If only!)

Yes, most of these things seem far fetched in every day normal life. Unfortunately, the one space that seems pretty common these days is "Revenge". It only appears 5 times on the board, but I think all of us tend to see some form of this on a daily basis. (That's a whole other blog topic!)

The three of us had a blast last night and plan on playing again tonight! Hopefully, my older son will join us. In our high-tech world, it was nice to sit down and play an "old-fashioned" board game. Especially one that isn't based on some movie or tv character.......although there are some Life (click here) versions that are. I highly encourage all of you this summer to do something with your kids that you used to do as a child. It will bring back fond memories for you and will slow your family down for at least a little while. Happy bonding!

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