Thursday, July 17, 2008

His Riches

This summer I have been focusing on finding ways to save money such as couponing, CVSing, rebating and cutting back. In my efforts to do this, I haven't been focusing on God and the ways he wants to enrich my life. Spending time in His Word gives us a wealth of wisdom, comfort, confidence and love to draw from in times of spiritual, physical or mental poverty. Memorizing scripture deposits securities into a (life) savings account.

How many times have we all sent up a desperate prayer knowing full well we're not worthy of being bailed out of whatever the situation is, especially because we haven't deposited enough of God's Word into our hearts and minds? You may feel like you've just written a check that you know will bounce due to insufficient funds!

God loves each one of us deeply but desires a long-term, steady relationship with us. Not a fly by night get rich scheme.....or in other words, a "If you do this for me Lord, I promise ________" type of relationship. Just as we carefully and painstakingly plan our financial health, we must put time and energy into our spiritual health....or into our relationship with the Almighty. If our finances are looked after and tended to, we benefit. So goes the same with our relationship with God. He wants to bless us! Spending time with him is way easier than making or saving a buck! I challenge myself and all of you to reach for these godly dividends!

"Serving God does make us very rich,....The love of money causes all kinds of evil. Some people have left the faith, because they wanted to get more money, but they have caused themselves much sorrow." 1Timothy6:6,10

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