Saturday, April 10, 2010

Play Ball!

Here we go....the start of another baseball season! Over 600 kids are signed up this year! Cooper is out there somewhere! This will be his last year in this league due to his age.

My hubby, Mr. President, making his speech at the Opening Day Ceremony! Would you ever guess that he & I are actually introverts?

Even the local Chick Fil A cow showed up!

Sitting in the dug out!
We're looking forward to many special MOOments this season!
(C'mon, how could I resist?)


Andrea said...

Have fun guys!
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

Stopping in from the UBP! Hooray for the beginning of spring! I love that you have the chic fil A cow there! I long for chic fil A!!! I wish we had one in Alaska!
Have a great day and I hope to see you around blogland!