Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Frugal Friday!!

This may seem gross to some of you hard core coffee drinkers. And......I wouldn't subject a guest in my home to this, but it's okay for my husband and I. We drink a pot of coffee until it's gone, even if it's 24 hours old. We just reheat it in our microwave. (I'm drinking some right now....mmmmm!) With coffee as expensive as it is, I can't see wasting it. I've tried using the grounds twice to extend our coffee supply, but it tastes really weak. (So I just add them to our compost instead!) I heard recently that the reason the coffee at Starbuck's, Dunkin' Donuts, and McDonald's tastes so good is because they will throw a pot out after a certain amount of if it's more than 17 minutes old! I guess my coffee will never stand up to theirs!!!


Mrs. Pear said...

I do the same thing - although I will pop my in a coffee butler or insulated caraf to keep it fresh rather than let it sit on the element and burn, that way it tastes more like fresh when I warm it up.

Frugal Work at home mom said...

I do sometimes use the coffee grinds twice. I add just a small bit of new ones over the old. It taste ok to me... I am not fussy.

A Dusty Frame said...

I do that too.
The only thing is if I forget to turn off the pot and it gets sort of burned. Then I do not reheat it;)

It's better than wasting it all.

Theresa said...

My mother has done the same thing for years. After the remainde of the pot cools she places it in a container in the frig and just microwaves it by the cup until it is gone.

Not necessary in my house as my husband has a cup and I drink the rest. But it does work.

Sarah Joy said...

Having been a McDondald's emplyee, I can testify-they are supposed to make fresh coffee every thirty minutes in the morning. And If I'm gonna pay over a doller for a cup of coffee-it better be fresh!

I can't drink coffee that's been sitting there burning all day. I don't even like it after about 15 min. What I do is switch the pot off after it makes the coffee, and reheat it if I want it hot. But I actually like it cold with ice too.