Friday, July 13, 2007

Poetry by Me

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My Little Light

My little light is sleeping,
Extinguished for the night.
Sucking on his blanket,
His "Chipper" gathered tight.

My little light has faded,
Though in dreamland he may play.
Running, jumping, shouting,
As he does throughout his day.

My little light is dim now,
His breathing slow and deep.
If I had a camera,
His tranquility I would keep.

My little light just flickered,
He gave a quiet sigh,
I smile in my contentment,
Oh, too soon our days go by!

I wrote the first two stanzas while watching my oldest son sleep one night in our bed; March 20, 2000.

I wrote this next poem after the Columbine massacre. It was published in two local publications in my area. One of them paid me $50 for it!

days of long ago

breeze blowing on my face
lifting me to lifetimes past

bluer skies

days of long ago

kind neighbors met daily
expressions of only truth

taller trees
skinned knees

days of long ago

children selling lemonade
baseball's just a game

porch swings
friendship rings

days of long ago

television still a dream
friendship is for life

less population
no x generation

days of long ago

material goods have no hold
stress is out to lunch

no pollution
simple solution

days of long ago

babies born to loving arms
multitudes flock to church

murder none
caring spun

days too long ago

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