Friday, July 20, 2007

Frugal Friday Tip

This may seem trivial, but why spend any more money than you have to? Thanks to the Internet, we no longer buy newspapers which is where I usually got my supply of rubber bands from. I have come across something else I can use as rubber bands while recycling at the same time. I like to use rubber gloves when I wash my dishes. Of course, over time the gloves get holes in them. Rather than just pitching them in the trash, I cut them into to rubber bands. Just start at the bottom of each glove and cut across. You can get several rubber bands from each glove.

Another trivial thing I do is use the ball of cotton that comes in medicine containers. I normally pull each of my cotton balls in half and just use one half every time I put toner on my face. This makes the bag last twice as long. You can get about three cotton balls out of the cotton that comes in medicine containers.

These things may seem silly, but they save money and help cut down on waste!

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Anonymous said...

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AmyG said...

I LOVE these kind of tips, because they are small, simple things that anyone can do. I am a huge cotton all saver, but never thought of the glove thing, that's smart.