Saturday, October 10, 2009

My 200th Post!

Well, I didn't think this is what I'd be posting about on my 200th post!

I was getting ready to sit down and catch up on reading YOUR blogs tonight. I was going to use the restroom, get a drink and start reading. The flush of the toilet changed those plans! Water began pouring out of the commode! I began grabbing towels and then realized that I really needed to turn off the valve to the toilet. I yelled to Coop to go out and get Eric from the garage. By the time he got inside, the water was flowing out into the hallway. (Thankfully, our hallway is not carpeted!)

I then told Cooper to go check the ceilings in our pantry and dining room. Sure enough, water was beginning to seep through our dining room ceiling. So then we had to move the furniture! Eric ended up poking some small holes into the ceiling to let the water drain out. There's a pan under one of the holes collecting the drips of water. We have to keep Otto from trying to drink it....GROSS!

I used just about every towel in the house to clean up the bathroom floor, so now I'm doing laundry! Thankfully, yesterday when I cleaned the bathroom (Did I mention it's our ONLY bathroom in the house?), I skipped washing the floor. I love my Swiffer Wet Jet!

This will definitely make my "I Get To" list this week!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I am no good when stuff like this happens! Glad you had your guys on hand to help you out and hopefully you will get it all sorted out!
Porr Otto!
Love Collette xxxx

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Leslie,

This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm SO sorry about your plumbing troubles! Just poking a hole through the floor is quite a word picture.

Hope everything is all cleaned up by now and you've had some time to relax!

Cheri said...

Hi Leslie,

Oh, man, not a good way to end your day! I'm so sorry!

I spent today dealing with the mess caused by someone hacking my Facebook account. Whoever did it posted a message on your page on FB. When I went there to delete it, I saw your post!

At least something good came out of it all for me... I found your blog!

Hope your week gets better!

Hugs and blessings,