Monday, November 23, 2009

I Must Say.....

Even though I haven't found a sponsor yet for Andres, I am pleased to hear that many of you already sponsor a child either through Compassion International or another organization. It touches my heart that you all are taking care of the orphans and the needy as God directs us.

I talked to my own kids about the two of them sponsoring Andres together. My youngest was immediately on board with the idea, but my oldest isn't so sure he wants to give up $19 a month. I'm praying that God will work on his heart and move him to be more generous. Please join me in this prayer. Even if he doesn't come around in time to sponsor this little boy, I want him to learn to be and want to be generous with his time and money.

Have a blessed week and please remember Andres in your prayers!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Each of us desire this for our kids. I will definitely join you in prayer.
Hope you guys have an awesome thanksgiving.
Blessings, andrea