Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cards?

I used to love sitting down and writing out Christmas cards. You know, back in the days before email and ecards. I enjoyed picking out boxes of cards and sending them to all of our friends and relatives. There was a time when I had over 100 people on my list! Then we had kids, and I delighted in sending pictures of them along with the cards. (Although, we've never done the traditional Christmas photo.) I always personally signed the cards and wrote personal notes to some of the recipients. And I swore I would NEVER do the Christmas newsletter!!!

Fast forward several years...I now loathe sending out Christmas cards. They take too much time and too much money. I think I did break down one year and do the newsletter just to save time. And my list has been whittled down to less than 50 recipients. The only point I now see in sending these cards is to remind people of the "reason for the season". Really, I actually prefer sending Easter cards to let people know what Jesus did for us.

I have a friend here who is a fantastic artist. She draws her own cards each year and has them printed. They're wonderful! Everyone wants to be on Wendi's Christmas card list! I received mine the other day, and it was hand delivered! Wendi even writes personal notes in her cards.

So far this Christmas season, I've sent out one card. I had a special reason for sending it. As of this moment, I have know idea if I will be sending cards to anyone else.

What are you doing this year? Traditional Christmas cards? A newsletter? Ecards? Let me know. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Perhaps you'll inspire me to mail more than one!

If you're curious about the history of Christmas cards, go here. You can see a picture of the very first one.

If I decide to not send out any cards, please know that I wish you all the blessings of Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Sue J. said...

Being a writer and enjoying the amazing abilities of the computer when it comes to publishing, I have done a Christmas newsletter--for 20 years or so!

I used to send cards, but I found I had more to say and did NOT have the time to write to everybody the same thing. So, the newsletter became the way to share the same news. And, being as writing was so restrictive at work, I could be creative and be myself in the newsletter.

When the girls came along, it became a great way to feature photos of them without having to include separate ones. Plus, still writing for more than 100, we have quite a following!

Folks communicate at Christmas for various reasons. I don't think there's any right or wrong thing to do. I would love getting a handmade, hand-delivered card, too! But, if someone sent me a .pdf newsletter on the computer, I would be OK with that, too. Or nothing!

You do what is right and best for you and your family.

(I still mail the newsletter and sign it. Not sure I can take that next electronic step. Stamps will have to get a little higher for me to consider that!)

Heart2Heart said...


I am doing Christmas cards because with all the technology I think we are losing sight of the things we value the most. The older I get the more I love receiving things in the mail besides bills and junk. Just getting a Christmas card alone makes my day, so I am hoping that I will be doing that very same thing by sending mine along to people. I am hoping to make their day just a little bit more brighter and give them something beautiful in the mail besides bills and junk mail.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

sarah said...

I feel guilty - really guilty. I haven't sent one card but have recieved a number of to do something. Thanks for the reminder. Sarah