Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"I Get To" Tuesdays

The thought behind this is to list a few things that could come under the category of "Ugh...I have to (you fill in the blank)". However, I want you to look at these "have to's" as blessings of "I get to". We all take for granted such things as our health, jobs, family, friends, etc. and sometimes don't appreciate them or see them as blessings as we should. So here are a few things for me this week.

This past Saturday, I got to get up early to go to church choir camp for 2 1/2 hours. We're getting ready for our upcoming Christmas concert and needed the extra practice. Despite the hard work, it was fun. Our director let us go a half hour early, and I was able to get some errands done before going home.

On Sunday, I got to decorate our house for Christmas. What made this task unattractive to me was that I had to dust the downstairs and straighten up a bit first. But I got the cleaning done and am now enjoying my decorated house.

Last week I got to come up with a behavioral incentive chart for my 4-year-old class. I have NEVER had to do this before, but several kids in this class are little stinkers. I have to do something to get them under control. I'm happy to say that they're starting to understand it. Although, at the same time I hate it because I feel like I'm having to bribe them to behave.

As usual, I get to do all of the Christmas shopping for our family. As our sons get older, they are harder to buy for and, of course, their "toys" are more expensive. I did, however, find a cool gift for my mother-in-law. I went to Wal-Mart's website and discovered that I could order a fleece blanket with our pictures on it! You can put up to 30 pictures on the blanket, but I only chose 15. My MIL has not been in good health for several years. She pretty much goes from her bed to the couch and watches the Game Show Network all day. She and my father-in-law live outside of Chicago, so we only get to visit them around once every 2 years. I figure this blanket is something she can use, and she can be reminded of her grandchildren.

If you decide to post your own "I Get To" list on your blog, use Mr. Linky below. Remember, try to find the blessings in your "I Have To's" and turn them into "I Get To's"!


Faye said...

Stopped by for a visit.Hope you have a great day! Blessings

Andrea said...

Your mother in law will love her blanket. You are a sweetheart. Thank you for being my friend.

Heart2Heart said...


Isn't it lovely to have your home decorated for Christmas? I know mine brings me such happiness! I hope I get to decorate a special place in heaven where we can celebrate it each year as well!

I love the idea of the blanket for your MIL! What a useful gift and one that will keep her heart warm with memories of all those beautiful pictures.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sue J. said...

We have our big music program this weekend. 3 hours practice Saturday; 2 programs on Sunday afternoon/evening. It's going to be exhausting, but really glorious, too. Looking forward to it--past the logistical part, anyway.

I know what you mean about those behavior charts. Perhaps they'll be able to let go of them 2nd semester. The Christmas season always brings out the worst behavior in the kids! They might be happier in January :-)