Thursday, June 18, 2009

Letting Go of Those Babies

I'm lamenting because 1 minute ago I became the mom of a high school student, and in about 45 minutes I'll no longer have anyone in elementary school! Sigh...where does the time go?!

We took the boys to Red Robin for lunch to celebrate the end of the school year!
Here's Sam trying not to smile, while Eric fights his way into the picture.

How's that lime Coop?


Deb said...

How well I know your feelings!! Just 3 weeks ago we graduated our first from high school and our 'baby' graduates high school next year....I'm at home alone right now because both have gone to pick up their checks and "pay bills"----BIG sigh....
Love ya!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Oh, the time flies. Trust me I know. Just posted about it last week.

My girls are now grown and have blessed me with 5 grandbabies. It seems only yesterday that they were little themselves.

CHerish each moment.

twin power mommy said...

That story you left on Tracy's blog about the silverware cracked me up.

I wouldn't have been insulted, either, though.

I realize some people like things that i don't and i know that i actually have really WEIRD taste in things.....

your story was funny nonetheless!!!

Chatty Kelly said...

Cute! Thanks for letting me share in your party.

Andrea said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. They grow up far to fast...
Blessings, andrea

Sarah Dawn said...

Before I know it, my 4 and 7 year old will be grown. Oh Lord, may I sharpen then and shoot the arrows you have given me into the world to impact their generation for Christ.

Thanks for splashin' me today with your sweet words,
Sarah Dawn

My Army Brats and Me said...

One of my favortie writers! Love all your pictures:)

twin power mommy said...

Just to give you MY thoughts on the King James version (i, too, read NIV, though)
In my research of biblical truths (because it took me a long time to come to the Lord)
i have understood that the King James is the closest translation to the original Greek and Hebrew writings.
Meanings of words get lost when you translate them and the closest to an accurate translation (for nitty gritty pounding out meanings of words) would be the King James Version.
I have a harder time reading that one...but when i want to know what EXACTLY does the bible say about something...i will refer to a KJV.

Hope that offers some insight on the difference(even though you weren't asking me...i just saw your comment on Tracy's page)...

Andrea said...

Stop by arise 2 write. I have something for you there.

GOD BLESS, andrea

Mrs. Tracy said...

Gotta love that lime picture! So funny!

I was looking on your profile for your e-mail...I would like to send you something about why we use the King James version of the Bible and why that's the only one we use. It would never fit into one of these comment boxes ;o}

If you're still interested that is~
my e-mail is just e-mail me if you are and I will get it right out to ya.

Have great night!