Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home for the Moment!

We're back from our camping trip. We had a terrific time with our friends from college and their two kids! Their kids are the same ages as our kids, except that their younger one is a girl. She gets right in there with the boys though!

We were camping on our friend, B's, grandmother's property. She's in her 90's and now lives with B's parents. B and his siblings and parents share the property as a weekend getaway. They were kind enough to give us permission to camp there for two nights. I'm not sure how many acres there are, but there are plenty of woods, a pond and a lake to keep you occupied. We had fun on the row boat and paddle boat, and the kids had a blast fishing!

There is also a small house on the property, so we had access to a real bathroom! They have a golf cart there that we could drive back and forth between the house and our campsite. Since we were in the middle of no where, we could also be as noisy as we wanted to be and no one bothered us!

The kids enjoyed building our fire and setting off some "safe" fireworks. There is a field that we use to shoot off rockets when we're there with the owners, but we didn't have all the stuff we needed to do this.

One snake was spotted! Thankfully, not by me!

Our friends' daughter must have had the "lucky" fishing pole. As soon as she cast into the water, she got a bite. I believe she out fished all of the boys! Although, Sam definitely caught the largest fish.

Apparently our tent has lost some of its water resistance. It didn't rain at all, but I woke up last night to dew dripping on my head. I had on a sweatshirt, so I pulled up my hood and covered my head with my sleeping bag. I woke up with a wet pillow and wet hair. YUK! I think it's time for a new tent! We'll have to check out some sales at the end of the season.

It was wonderful to be outside and to enjoy God's glorious creation! And God saw that it was good. Amen!

Sam & Coop sleeping on the way home!


Sue J. said...

You know it's been a good trip when both boys are conked out!

Yeah, waking up soggy is no fun. Hope it wasn't too chilly. That's what gets to me most--being a bit damped and then slightly chilled. Brrrr!!

Laundry and packing again, I'm sure, are high on your list. Have a great trip!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Glad you all had a great time!

The pictures are wonderful.

Heart2Heart said...


Your pictures are priceless! I love the fish that the boys caught. You know that those pictures will be proof enough for them.

Ah I remember the summer memories of camping. Time to go again.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi looks like you had a great time. Fab pics and the boys look like they had fun!
Love Collette xxx