Thursday, July 9, 2009

Note to Self: If It Says It's Stupid, Then It Is!

I knew I shouldn't have bought it. In today's economy, I've been trying to cut back on buying "stuff". I've also been getting rid of "stuff". Just this morning, I dropped off two more bags at the Salvation Army. I've been so proud of myself for purging "stuff" from my life this summer.

Then it happened. I went to the grocery store and was waiting in line to check out. There it was. On the cover of a popular women's magazine were the words Stop Spending on Stupid Stuff. Just look away I told myself. After all, I've been trying not to buy magazines and have been doing pretty well with this. AND I'D BE REALLY FOOLISH TO BUY "STUFF" THAT IS TELLING ME NOT TO BUY STUPID STUFF. Apparently, I suffered from some momentary deafness and a lack of self-control. Into the cart went that magazine.

Fast forward a few hours. As I was waiting for some meat to brown for dinner, I opened the magazine to this article. I was praying for some brilliant advice to make my $2.79 purchase worth while. I didn't realize until this moment that the article was written by a popular money guru. I have nothing against this person. In fact, I think I read one of her first books. However, I have the feeling you'll get more for your money out of one of her books rather than this article.

The article talked about not buying extended warranties. I knew this already as my husband used to be a Sales Manager at Sears. It also mentioned not purchasing rental car insurance. I knew this too because my hubby's first job out of college was at a car rental place. Don't waste your money on expensive coffees and try to brown bag it for lunch. Lucky for me, I don't care for Starbuck's coffee. Since I only work until 12:15, I usually eat lunch at home. If I'm planning to do errands after work, I try to pack a snack to eat in the car. Cell phone ring tones....why would I pay for such a thing anyway? Texting...I've only done this once in my life and it took me forever! Plus, our oldest son ASKED us to get rid of it for him because he was being a little harassed one day by some friends. So much for any enlightenment. (Really, I do think the author of this article is a smart lady and that she does help people.)

I guess I at least learned a lesson for my $2.79. That lesson your instincts...AND avoid buying "stuff" that tells you that you're being stupid for spending your money on it! Hhhmmm, since I'm trying to get rid of "stuff", perhaps the article on organizing will be helpful:-)


Heart2Heart said...


I too have been guilty of doing that same thing. I have read all those tips in some place before as well. Aren't those just the basics of common sense when we are looking to cut back anyway??

Best case scenario, donate that magazine to your doctors office and feel great about the $2.79 donation!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Andrea said...

Great post. You are already more successful than I. You can pray for me....but how about adding in there that it want be

Sarah Dawn said...

You brought a smile to my day. I'll remember, never buy anything, even a magazine that says It's stupid.

Hugs from Costa rIca,
Sarah Dawn

Leslie said...

I'll be heading down to the Outer Banks of NC soon and will leave the magazine at the house we're staying at. People do that all the time to kind of recycle their magazines:-)

Chatty Kelly said...

I had a "note to self" today at my blog too. We live & we learn, don't we Leslie?

Deb said...

Leslie, I still buy those magazine and books that swear they're going to help me save millions ...well--a lot....and what I usually always find out is that I'm doing most of this stuff already.....Hey!!! Maybe I should write a book!
Love ya!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I too am guilty of spending on stupid things! Recently I have been kicked into touch though as we have had to really tighten our belts. It is scary how materialistic we can be and I sometimes feel like a little magpie and when I purchase something shiny and new feel all happy! Quite sad really isn't it considering I am a Christian!
Love Collette xxx