Friday, August 21, 2009

The ABC's of Me

Collette at Jesus Loves Mums did this earlier in the week. I thought I'd join her!

The ABC's of me!

Age: 44
Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Dusting

Dogs or Cats: DOGS!!

Essential start your day item: A shower and coffee
Favorite color: Red

Gold or silver: Silver or white gold

Height: 5' 3"

Instruments you've played: organ, bass clarinet

Job Title: Mom and preschool teacher

Kid(s): Sam, Cooper and one in Heaven

Loud or Quiet: me-Quiet/ the kids - LOUD!
Married? How long: 19 years

Overnight hospital stay: The birth of my two kids

Pet peeve: Dishonesty

Quote from a movie: You sit on a thrown of lies! Elf (Hhmm...interesting considering my pet peeve!)

Right or Left handed: Right handed
Siblings: 3 older sisters, plus one older brother in Heaven

Time you wake up: During the school year - 6:15. In the summer - whenever

Underwear: Um, yes

Vegetable you don't like: Carrots!

Ways you run late: My family

X- rays you've had: Dentist, my back

Yummy food you make: Meatballs

Zoo favorite: Otters

Thanks for checking in! Feel free to post your own ABC's!


Heart2Heart said...


I really keep putting this off and posting the same thing on my blog. It's going in my book now. I love you sharing this little priceless piece with all of us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Leslie -

Can we pick and choose? No way am I going to put my age. LOL!

Chore I hate: Cleaning the kitchen floor - scrubbing on my hands and knees.

Kids: Two adult stepsons.

Pets: None at the moment, but I enjoy both cats and dogs.

Susan :)

Jenny said...

That was fun :)