Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Passing of Childhood

Oh, the silence. My boys are out enjoying this lovely weather on their last day of summer vacation. Their last day of freedom. My last day of freedom too, and although I have a hundred other things I should be doing, I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet and write a post.

We were naughty today and skipped church and went out to breakfast instead. I'm sorry God! The boys wanted to go to dinner tonight to celebrate the end of summer, but I figured breakfast is cheaper. Plus, I really wanted some french toast. We were planning to go to church as usual....really we were. But when that alarm went off, I just wanted one more morning of sleeping in a little. Tomorrow I'll be rising at 6 AM. (I don't know if I'll be shining!)

Sam will be starting high school tomorrow and Coop will be going off to middle school. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was sitting on my front porch while they drew with sidewalk chalk and rode their bikes up and down in front of the house?

I realized the other day that I'm no longer at that stage of life. A new family has moved in across the street from us. They have two preschoolers and a newborn. One day recently the preschoolers were out front from morning until night drawing on the sidewalk and riding their bikes and scooters. I could hear their squeals of delight all day long. That's when it hit me that the next generation of little ones is here and my kids aren't among them.

The neighbors that my boys used to play with are just about grown. One just got married, one has a baby, another one is a senior in high school and her younger sister is starting high school just like Sam. That gang of kids from 10 years ago is no longer the lively bunch on the street. They hardly see each other anymore.

Yes, this all does make me sad. Especially since I should have had a newborn myself this spring. However, I realize that God has provided us with different seasons of life, and I'm determined to enjoy each of them. Even though I miss my babies, my kids are fun to be with. We have lots of laughs together. And everyone is potty trained!! I love to see my kids learn a new skill and become more independent. I'm happy for them, and it shows that my hubby and I are doing our job.

I pray that each of you can enjoy and appreciate your family no matter what season you are in. It all passes much too quickly!


Andrea said...

Great post, Leslie. Family comes in all shapes and sizes as does where we worship. I am sure your breakfast was filled with GOD's presence as you prayed and fellowshiped together.
Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...

Ah, feeling the love between these two wonderful boys of yours in the picture you included.

We have those days Leslie where I feel God wants us to reunite as a family instead of sitting in the body of believers. We have found it strengthens our family bonds more and we try to keep it a family filled day and see what God brings our way.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, Leslie. I understand how you feel. They grow up so fast. I think it's wonderful that you have a close and warm relationship with your kids. You keep that, and even when they're grown they'll still be close to you, blessing your life and you theirs.
Love, Jen
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