Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I Get To" Tuesdays

The thought behind this is to list a few things that could come under the category of "Ugh...I have to (you fill in the blank)". However, I want you to look at these "have to's" as blessings of "I get to". We all take for granted such things as our health, jobs, family, friends, etc. and sometimes don't appreciate them or see them as blessings as we should. So here are a few things for me this week.

I didn't post here last Tuesday because I was too busy and I was sick. I'm afraid some weeks I will be just too busy to post my "I Get To" Tuesdays or to join in on Thankful Thursday. So here's my list for this week!

  1. I didn't get to go to Women of Faith on Saturday. I got to stay home instead. Both my neighbor and I were sick. We realized on Friday night that we were both trying to be brave and suck it up for the other one even though neither of us felt well. We decided it would be best to keep our germs to ourselves and to get some much needed rest.
  2. We got to have a "do over" birthday party for Cooper on Sunday. We had rented a theater back in August so that Coop & his friends could play X-Box 360 on the big screen. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were having issues with their X-Box. So we rescheduled for this past Sunday. (We only had to pay half price and they gave the kids a free popcorn, drink and candy!) The kids and my hubby had a blast doing this! I just watched for the 2 hours, which wasn't very exciting for me, and it was LOUD!!! At least everyone else had a great time!
  3. Poor Otto is itchy. He has allergies. We've tried medicated baths, medicine prescribed by the vet and Benedryl. Nothing has really helped all that much. So I decided to change his food. I got to spend $60.50 on a 15 lb. bag of dry dog food! Even though this is an expensive alternative, I'm praying that it works for him because I feel so badly for him. I discovered that the place I ordered it from isn't too far away from where we live. I emailed them and asked if I could just pick up my orders instead of having to pay for the shipping. They said yes! So at least I'll be able to save some money!
  4. I get to take Sam to the dentist this week. We don't have dental insurance, so I'll be paying out of pocket for his check-up. At least we have the money to do this.
  5. It's football season. Yippee. I could care less about football. I celebrate Super Bowl Sunday because it's the end of the season. I'll get to see a lot of football on our TV between now and the Super Bowl. However, it provides good bonding time for Eric and the boys. And I think the Eagles are supposed to be good this year!

That's my "I Get To" list for this week. If you decide to post your own "I Get To" list on your blog, please let me know, and I will post a link to your blog here.

Remember, try to find the blessings in your "I Have To's" and turn them into "I Get To's"!


Heart2Heart said...


Try adding Brewers Yeast to your puppy's food. Its easy and much cheaper for you and its super healthy for him.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Fabulous way to turn our have to's into get to's and an awesome way to remember to be thankful for them!!

What a blessing you are sweet Leslie!

Andrea said...

Great post.

Sitka has to eat "Eagle Pack." It is a holistic food. You may see if anyone carries it. It costs about $60 for a 30 pound bag.


Sue J. said...

Leslie, I hope you are feeling better. It's so very hard to manage your school schedule, boys, hubby and a sick dog when you are not well.

It is very hard to turn down the spiritually enriching stuff. But, it won't be the last time you'll have to catch Women of Faith.

Be well!

Andrea said...

I have an urgent prayer request on arise 2 write. I know you are busy, but will you please join me in prayer for my friend.
Thanks, andrea

nancygrayce said...

I have an itchy dog too and he has to have expensive food too. It's a good thing I love him so much!

Thanks for your comment.....my family would gladly help me clean, but oh, goodness i wouldn't let them see the real clutter!

nancygrayce said...

Both my dogs have been on it for about a year. One because his stomach is sensitive and he throws up a LOT and it has helped him. I haven't noticed much difference in the itching.

Sandy said...

I was already a follower of both your blogs before you "found" me and commented. Did you realize that?
I enjoy both of your blogs.
Thank you so much for your comment.
I really don't feel like I deserve Kudos, especially when I'm in the classroom.
Thank you again!