Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prayer Request

I have a sad prayer request today. I have been a member of our church choir for a year now. Eric called me at work today because our Pastor called to let me know that one of our choir members committed suicide last night.

I did not know her very well but knew that she had some health problems and was out of work for a while. I've also just learned that she was diagnosed as being bi-polar. She was not married but did have a boyfriend. Unfortunately, he was the one who found her.

I'm just asking for prayer for her family, our church family and my Pastor. I would think that for a pastor, having something like this happen within your congregation would be really tough personally. I imagine he may feel that he failed one of his parishioners. Although, I know he did keep in contact with her and would check in on her. Sadly, our Pastor and her boyfriend both thought she was doing better lately.

Thank you my mighty prayer warriors!


Heart2Heart said...


Oh how much this pains me personally because I have sat at that very precipice between life and death. My heart breaks even reading about this because so many think things have gotten so hopeless there are not any options left.

I am praying for this family, your pastor and her boyfriend, that they can find closure in all of this and be released from feeling any guilt whatsoever.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

P.S. I have an urgent prayer request as well on my blog for Loren's dad.

Kelly Combs said...

I am sad to hear it. I pray your pastor will have peace, and the boyfriend.

My mom is bi-polar and I understand that the disease can have you happy one minute and suicidal the next. It's not the other folks faults. It's the disease.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Leslie, I am so sorry that this has happened. It just breaks my heart when people feel like they have no other way except to tae their own life.

I will pray for all involved.

Andrea said...

I am praying with you for all affected by this devastation. Love you, andrea

Tracy said...

Oh me...So sorry to hear about this. I will keep you and your church family on my prayers.

Sending some big bear((hugs)) your way!


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry. Lifting each person up in prayer now.
Blessings ~ Lisa

nancygrayce said...

My husband's brother killed himself some years ago. He had been troubled forever it seemed like. Even as a child. The pastor who preached his funeral had been counseling him for a while off and on and in his preaching he said this and it has always stayed with me......"not many of us know or understand the depth of Skipper's depression." I'm sorry for all who knew and loved her!