Friday, September 4, 2009

Taming My Tongue

Today I got really mad at someone. Livid in fact. And I let my tongue run loose. Well, actually, my fingers did the talking on my keyboard. It felt really good because this has been building up inside of me for some time now. I just finally got tired of being silent.

All day long, though, I have felt God urging me to pick up my Bible. I figured it was in order to calm me down a bit because I was so agitated. I went grocery shopping this morning and did not have butter on my list because I knew we didn't need any. When I got to the check out counter, I somehow had 3 pounds of butter in my cart. I was THAT distracted!!!

So I sat down tonight and opened my Bible. Of course, it fell open to James 3 -- Taming the Tongue. Our God either really has a sense of humor or knew I needed a lesson in this area today. I decided to go to three different Bibles to read this chapter in James.

I like how the New Century Version words James 3:5b-6: A big forest fire can be started with only a little flame. And the tongue is like a fire. It is a whole world of evil among the parts of our bodies. The tongue spreads its evil through the whole body. The tongue is set on fire by hell, and it starts a fire that influences all of life.

And from the NIV, James 3:9-10 reads: With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God's likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.

Okay God, you've got my attention. However, I'm still human and feel justified in what I said. It's going to take much prayer and some time to calm myself down and repent. Sometimes I just get confused about what is righteous and justified anger and what isn't.

So my friends in Christ, I just wanted to give you a little food for thought for the next time you get to your boiling point and have the urge to spout off. As the commercial says, "When you need a moment, chew it over with Twix." I think I'll go out and buy a whole carton of Twix bars!

The funny thing here is that what led to my angry words was politics!


Andrea said...

Glad it wasn't me that got your email. Just kidding. I struggle being careful with my tongue, too. For me it is a matter of the heart...did I have love in my heart or anger....if I am speaking in love it usually comes across they way GOD would have it. If I am speaking in anger it comes out that way and is not affective even if it is the truth.
LOVE YOU, andre

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

We are all guilty of this Leslie and I more than anyone needs to learn to control my tongue. It is so hard to fight against our flesh isn't it? I get so weary of battling at times.
Love Collette xxxxx

nancygrayce said...

Politics is such a hot topic that it's hard for cool heads (or tongues) to prevail! My insides churn over all this mess going on in our country. Our beautiful, blessed country has gone so far astray!

Heart2Heart said...


Thank goodness we are all human even though we are Christians and capable of losing it. It would be great if we could always model the perfect life but it's not possible in this world.

The great thing is that we have God's grace to allow us to get over whatever has made us angry. We can be forgiven when we really mess up. Perhaps prayer is in order for the person who made you angry?

We still love you and love the fire God has given you. I love you just the way you are!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kelly Combs said...

AND you love blogging! LOL! I have struggled with my tongue too, but I have to say it does get easier the more you try. Keep trying!

Andrea said...

Leslie, I had no idea who you were talking about. I wrote this early on Thursday. It had been on my heart for days. I was not even thinking about her birthday, but that I needed to post a little about GOD using her life to bring good in ours as well as others. Maybe, GOD planned it for you, but I can not take the credit. I will pray for you and your sister, b/c I know it is hard. I will tell you that my sister and I disagree on MANY things, yet we have a deep love for each other. We simply agree to disagree. Life is too short and agreeing to disagree does not justify anything. It simply means we will NOT argue about it. I believe when there is peace at the center of the relationship the peace allows GOD to use us to bring about HIS good and perfect will. LOVE YOU, andrea