Friday, April 3, 2009

Foto Friday

Otto and Daddy "Wore Out" from a long Christmas Day 2008!

Tracy over at Our Journey is hosting Foto Friday. Today's theme is "Wore Out". I thought I'd post this picture due to a conversation I had with my husband this week.

Eric is a night owl and NOT a morning person. He's the only person I know who can sleep in the shower. Thankfully, he works from home and can set his own hours. Yesterday our younger son had to be to school by 7:45 for an early morning band practice. I asked Eric to get up because he was going to take Coop to school. His response was, "I'm stretching." I told him he would stretch for a half hour and then go sleep in the shower for another half hour if we let him. It was then that he told me his super power is sleeping. So I told him that my super power is nagging and he had better get up! He should have a cape that says "Super Sleeper" on the back! The funny thing is, Eric used to work part-time at a mattress store called Sleepy's. I told him I assume that's where he went to train and fine tune his amazing super power skills!

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