Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Husband is Sweet and I Am Clueless

It is absolutely gorgeous here today! My hubby will be at the baseball fields for most of the day. He called me earlier to check in and suggested that the four of us go out to dinner tonight.

Then he began talking about next Saturday. He said that perhaps we could get someone to take the kids for the afternoon and the two of us could go on a long picnic if it's a nice day. My reply was, "Cooper has a baseball game." Eric is one of the assistant coaches for this team. He said he would tell them he couldn't be there for the game and would get someone else to take Coop to the game. My reply was, "We're going to miss Coop's game?" Eric said yes. I was surprised and confused.

Then Eric went on to say that we could take the few hours for ourselves to talk and reflect. Talk? Reflect? That's when I understood what he was trying to do! Our baby would have been due next Saturday, and he wanted to just spend some alone time with me. He said he doesn't want it to be a sad time for us. Well, at this point, I was almost in tears as we were talking on the phone. I don't know how I won't be in tears during our time together next Saturday.

My dear, sweet husband! I pray that I can keep it together on Saturday for his sake and because I don't exactly like to cry in public! Please pray that this can be a nice time for us and a time of healing for our hearts.


Sheryl said...

what a wonderful man God has blessed you with. sure does not take the pain away but it helps to share it with someone who obviously cares so deeply!!

Kristie said...

Leslie, I think that he is definately on the right track with this! It's wonderful to remember this day, celebrate your little one's spirit life with joy and your own loss with sorrow. Making memorials are very healing ways to connect with our children's spirits. We have a scrapbook with no pictures, but everything I ever associated with my child. Sammi's foot prints, her certificate of life, things I associate with her season here (which was fall when she was delivered). It's important to remember these days! And you know what, if you feel like crying, do it! That is your right to feel any way you do feel on your baby's due date. When we lost Sammi, I told my daughter, Allie, "It's okay for mommy to cry because the tears carry out the sorrow from my heart. And that helps mommy heal." With much love in Christ, we will remember you, your husband, and your little baby on this Saturday coming.