Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jury Duty -- NOT!

My day began at 5:15 this morning. I wanted to leave my house by 6:45 to give myself a little over an hour to get to the court house. That's what one of my co-workers said she did and that it took her a good hour to get there. I arrived at much for rush hour traffic! As I sat in my car, I took out my summons and discovered it said I had to report at 8:30 AM....not 8:00! So I sat in my car until 8:00.

I found my way to the correct room in the court house, signed in, got my badge and waited for the video orientation at 9:00. Then I just sat and sat and sat some more. I had a lot of reading material with me along with a few things from work, so I read, worked and even dozed a little.

At 12:15 we were dismissed for lunch until 1:45. I had brought my lunch and would have sat outside if the weather had been nice. Instead, I went back to my car, ate my lunch and called my husband. I returned back to the juror's room at 1:00 and continued to read.

At 2:30 everyone was dismissed! Not one person had been called for anything. Apparently the judges had a few cases they were looking at but wouldn't be ready to pick any juries until tomorrow. Lucky us! So I'm off the hook for at least 3 years! Thank you Father God!

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