Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Delight Your Children!

I am exhausted today. Wednesday is always my longest day of the week. (Oh dear, I have to work until 2:15 instead of only to 12:15!) I also have choir practice on Wednesday nights.

The theme of my lunchtime class today was "Weird Science". I decided last night that I'd have the kids make slime. What a mess my classroom was by the end of the day! There was cornstarch everywhere! The kids had a blast, however, the mommies weren't too thrilled to see slime coming home with them. I always feel badly for the kids whose parents don't let them do messy projects at home and are less than thrilled to see a messy craft come home. (Such as painting with chocolate pudding. We did that one on Wacky Day last week.) I admit that I don't always say yes to the messy things my kids want to do, but I don't always say no either. Making a mess can be fun and it can be cleaned up. It also makes memories for your kids.

I am challenging all of us to say yes to our kids once in a while even when we want to say no because we may be inconvenienced or left with a mess. Keep in mind how we feel when God gives us a big YES to something we were sure He'd say no to. I am sure it gives Him pleasure to see the delight in our eyes. Wouldn't you like to see that same delight in the eyes of your own children?

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