Monday, April 6, 2009

What Easter Means to Me

I just read over at Chatty Kelly that Angela at Becoming Me is asking readers to post about what Easter means to them.

I did not grow up in a Christian home. Going to church was very sporadic, and my dad never went with us. To me, Christmas and Easter only meant gifts, candy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and maybe a pretty new dress. (I don't have any daughters, so seeing those pretty Easter dresses in the stores every year just kills me!) I didn't really know why we celebrated these holidays. I always believed in God and Jesus but didn't know anything about them.

My husband & I began going to church once our first child was born. We went because I wanted our son to be baptized. To me it just meant that he would end up going to Heaven rather than to Hell if he was baptized. (Now I don't even really believe in infant baptism.) The first few years we went to church it was just to be "good" people and to be sure our kids learned about God and Jesus since neither of us had.

Then things began to really click for me. I joined a MOPS group, ended up on the committee for 2 years and even dared to go to my first Bible study. (I've enjoyed many since!) We sent our oldest son to a Christian preschool. Four years later, I became a teacher at that same school. I've been there 6 years now and even served as the school's Director for 2 of those years.

I'd say it was about 3 years ago that I began to really understand the meaning of Easter. I now enjoy celebrating it more than Christmas and feel a deeper experience regarding it than I do with Christmas. I feel much closer to Christ at this time of the year. He died for me. He loves me. How can I overlook that? I'd rather send out Easter cards than Christmas cards. I believe it's the best time of the year to testify to non-Christians. I think we have to remind people not just that Jesus was born and truly existed, but that he wiped away our sins. He made us new! He is risen and is alive! He is always with us and desires our companionship. He was not just some cute little baby born in a manger but a man that taught much and performed many miracles. He is still teaching us and blessing us with miracles everyday! And He is the ONE who will save us from Satan and from our sins in the end. Jesus is coming back one day, and I can't wait to bow down and worship Him in person! HOSANNA!


Angela said...

Hi Leslie! It is so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for participating in Because of the Cross and for sharing your heart and story. Happy Easter to you!!

Sue J. said...

At a former church, we had a guest speaker come in, right before Easter. He purposely had a giant wooden cross placed on the stairs of the worship platform. As he spoke, He talked about Jesus' sacrifice, and then he drove huge nails into the cross.

I'm not sure how you can read the Bible account of "Holy week" and not put images and thoughts to the words. Who else on Earth is going to do what He did? It is truly amazing!

Thanks for sharing your testimony!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks for sharing this! Great testimony!

Chatty Kelly said...

Wow Leslie - I loved your story. I am a former MOPS mom too, and even led a MOPS group for a season. It was great.

Regarding the could try chocolate chips & beat them with the spoon. I'd try a test batch at home first to see if it worked the same. But I know they'd taste yummy anyway. LOL