Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fealing a Little Weary Today

It's Wednesday again, my longest work day of the week. I have a headache and know that I've got a long choir practice ahead of me tonight. The piece we're singing on Good Friday needs a lot of work still and the one for Easter Sunday isn't going much better. It's pretty bad when the melody singing sopranos can't find their part. (I'm one of them!) So I don't have much inspiration to offer today.

Today was my last day of work until Tuesday, so I'm hoping to get some meaningful blogging done during the next few days. I should have some quiet time because my hubby and kids will be gone Friday and Saturday. It will just be me, the dog, the rabbit and my classroom guinea pig (who is visiting for the long weekend).

I have a question. Does anyone have some good reading material that you suggest I read? I've been blessed with jury duty in 2 weeks. I have to go hang out for at least one entire day to see if I get picked for a case. The letter I received said to bring PLENTY of reading material for that day! I love to read, but having to be there from 8 AM until around 4:30 may be a stretch. I figure that I'd better bring a variety of things to read and do. Please leave comments with suggestions for me!

Thank you and have a blessed day!


Chatty Kelly said...

Do you want secular or Christian reading? If you like mysteries, I like Robert B. Parker (author). He has tons of Spenser for Hire books.

For Christian reading, the Left Behind series was awesome.

I'd take some magazines too. Seems like in that type of atmosphere I can never really get into a book, but a magazine is just right.

Leslie said...

Probably some Christian reading, perhaps non-fiction. Although, I never have read any of the Left Behind series. I do plan to take some magazines and maybe some crosstitch. Thanks for the suggestions!

Nicole said...

Hi Leslie. I don't know who's blog I read that you left a comment about dreams you have been having, but I had to come over to your site. I have learned a lot about dreams, and have learned some symbols and such. If you have any questions I may be able to help. I am not a professional per say, but am willing to help out. God speaks to us in dreams and He is trying to communicate something to us. I have such a passion regarding dreams. God is so amazing!

In His Love,