Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, It's Not Going the Way I Had Planned

So much for coloring Easter eggs with my kids! I was getting things all set up when my older son's friends came to the door. Sam decided to ditch Cooper & I in order to go skateboarding. I didn't want to embarrass him in front of his friends by saying, "Wait! Don't you want to color eggs with us?" I just let him go. Coop was about to start dying his eggs when the phone rang. I know I should have let it go to the machine, but I didn't and was on the phone for the next half hour. So Coop did his eggs on his own. Everything is still sitting out on the table for if and when Sam decides to do his eggs today.

I think I mentioned yesterday that Eric and the boys were going to be gone tomorrow and Saturday. I was looking forward to having about 36 hours to myself. (She says guiltily....NOT!) Well, now that's not happening either. The friends they were going with can't go and the weather isn't looking too hot for fishing and camping out. On the bright side, at least the whole family gets to go to the Good Friday service tomorrow night. Now my sons can laugh at me if I drop my music or fall down the steps while singing with the choir. (I stand at the very edge of the alter where the steps are.)

I guess God must have other plans for us this weekend. As usual, I wish He'd fill me in on what they are. I was planning on watching The Passion of the Christ while they were all away, but perhaps now I can get the entire family to watch it with me. Eric & I saw it in the theater, but the boys were too young to see it back then. I thought it would be a little too graphic for them at the time.

I still have a headache today and again am not feeling too inspirational in my writing. I think I'll just go see what all of you are blogging about today! Maybe some of you are feeling a little more insightful than I am about this precious Easter weekend. I'm feeling Easter in my heart, but my head is not cooperating!

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