Friday, April 10, 2009

Foto Friday

This week's theme is "Four Footed Friends".

This is my rabbit Daffy. I got him for myself for Mother's Day one year. I was told she was a girl named Daffodil and that I should have her spade because female rabbits are prone to cancer. I took her in to have the procedure done and found out HE had to be neutered instead! So I'm still the only female in the house and Daffodil is now Daffy!

Our neighbor's cat, Fuzz, always comes over to visit. Here he has just discovered Sandy the gerbil. Sandy is my classroom pet, and she spent Christmas break at our house.

Our dog Otto meets Patrick my classroom guinea pig. Patrick is spending the Easter break with us.

Foto Friday is sponsored by Tracy over at Our Journey.


Chatty Kelly said...

Welcome to Leslie's zoo! Wow. We have 2 Boston Terrier dogs. I love 'em.

Mrs. Tracy said...

Great pictures! We use to have rabbits...but since they carry strep I had strep every other month til they got old and kicked the bucket. I love them...but sure got tired of those shots! OUCH!
That cat reminds me of our cat Molly...
Thanks for playing foto friday!