Friday, May 29, 2009

Foto Friday

Okay, so today Mrs. Tracy has decided that the Foto Friday theme is Self Portraits. Not sure I'm thrilled with this theme, but here is my picture. Otto just had to be in the photo too! Go on over to Mrs. Tracy's blog and check out her pic (she's gorgeous), see who else is participating, and join us yourself!


Mrs. Tracy said...

You are toooo sweet...can I get you to follow me around and whisper that in my ear? ;o}

~by the way you are beautiful too! I love your smile!

Mrs. Tracy said...

Oh yeah...I had every intention of posting a picture with my p.j.'s on...really I did. ;o}

~but it didn't work out...would you like to pick the theme for next week? I am running out of ideas. If so, just leave a comment with it (or a few ;o}) can take a few days to think about it if you need to.

Heart2Heart said...


You are so beautiful! I am hoping that someday our paths may cross and we can meet in person one day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Chatty Kelly said...

BIG DOG! I have a little dog. (Two actually).

I think you're cute as pie, so what are you worrying about?

Andrea said... are quite the handsome guy! I am impressed! You should NOT continue to call yourself a Mutt. You are quite the furry friend. Oh, and your Mom is not bad either...I am sure she is a wonderful mommie and gives you lots of hugs, belly rubs, and special doggie treats.
Woofs and Wags,

twin power mommy said...

Thanks for your comment on my page.

That is a TOTALLY cute pic of you and your baby dog!

I wish Tracy would have done one of herself in her jammies....
mine are usually not appropriate enough to get a pic of! ;0)

Sue J. said...

That's a smile that says, "I'm done! I'm done!!"

Thanks for the mention about the study....even if you just drop in for a visit. Plus, you may find connections between Proverbs and Daniel. I think Proverbs connect with just about everything. We'll find out!

Enjoy your weekend...once we get over these showers!

Sheryl said...

what a beautiful picture of you. your smile just lights up your entire face. love it!