Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Interview with....

...Myself! Hopefully this doesn't sound self-centered. I just thought I'd give my readers (there are at least a few of you out there) a glimpse of who I am and that this would be a fun way to do it!

Where were you born?
--Binghamton, NY -- However, I moved from there at the age of 6 and grew up in Delaware. Then I moved with my family to Appomattox, VA, right after graduating from high school. I was born a Yankee but am a southern girl at heart ya'll!

How many siblings do you have?
--3 older sisters, plus an older brother who passed away a year before I was born. I'm the youngest by 9 years.

Favorite color?
--Red, but I think I look best in black.

Favorite food?
--I'll never turn down a steak and baked potato. WILL NOT EAT SEAFOOD! I love all chocolate except for German chocolate because I dislike coconut. Coffee is a must!

Do you play sports?
--There's not an athletic bone in my body. I took 2 semesters of bowling for my gym requirement in college!

Favorite vacation destination?
--The Outer Banks of NC...specifically Corolla.

Where did you meet your husband?
--At James Madison University where we both graduated from in 1988.

What was your major in college?
--Marketing, but I've hardly used it!

When did you get married?
--March 24, 1990

Where would you like to live?
--Chesapeake, VA -- I'd move back there in a heartbeat!

How many kids do you have?
--2 sons, plus one angel baby

Do you have any hobbies?
--Love to read, especially non-fiction. I like to scrap book but spend so much time cutting things out and prepping for my preschool classes that I don't get to work on my scrap books too often. I like to cross stitch and play with our dog. I also enjoy word search puzzles and singing. And, of course, I like to write and blog!

Do you enjoy cooking?
--Absolutely not! If I had the choice of having either a maid or a personal chef, I'd take the chef. Thankfully, my husband loves to cook and is great at it! (However, if you saw my "messy" pics on Foto Friday, you're probably thinking I should choose the maid!) Do any of you southern gals have a good recipe for Brunswick Stew? (For my hubby to cook, of course!)

Summer or Winter?
--I'll take summer and any other season over winter! I hate snow!

Favorite game?

Do you watch soap operas?
--Yes, I'm guilty of watching The Young & the Restless when I get home in time from work to watch it!

Favorite flower?

Favorite holiday? gift buying to worry about, just good food and a day with the family.

When were you born?
--November 8, 1964

If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be?
--I'd be at least 3 inches taller and not be so fair complected.

Well, that was fun...for me at least! Perhaps I'll do another one some time in the future. If you have any questions for me, please post them in the comments section!


Sheryl said...

i loved this! it's great getting to really know other blog friends. you are one day younger than me!!

Chatty Kelly said...

Loved it! Here is a link to an EASY brunswick stew recipe.

enjoy it!